Student Orientation Leaders

Welcome Class of 2019!

We understand that adjusting to college life may be difficult. In order to ease your transition, each of you will be assigned to a Student Orientation Leader (SOL). They are upperclassmen who are eager to help you in any way they can. They can’t wait to meet you and want to introduce themselves to you!


Kyle (2016)

I'm Kyle from the class of 2016, and I'm way excited to get to meet you all! I'm from Dallas, Texas and music is my life. I love playing it, listening to it and learning about it from others. My main instrument is jazz trumpet, but I love to learn other ones as well. I can't wait to see you guys this August and learn what you love to do too! Ready to rock?

Hideo (2018)

Yo! Wassup guys! I’m Hideo from the class of 2018 and I’m super excited to meet all of you! Though I am half Japanese and half Indian, I was born and have lived in New Delhi, India all my life. Music is my passion, and I’m a percussionist by trade. I like learning new instruments, art forms and hiking. At SUA, I joined the Hip-Hop Congress, a platform of free expression through the five elements of Hip-Hop. I’m not much of a freestyler but I’m always open to learn. I can’t wait to see and get to know you guys this summer! Peace and Happiness y’all!


Karen (2017)

My name is Karen and I am very pleased to have the opportunity to be one of your SOLs; I look forward to getting to know you! Before then, I just want to share a little bit about myself so that we may become acquainted. I am a SoCal resident of Diamond Bar, CA. Some of my top hobbies are singing, reading, learning new languages, and playing my favorite sport: tennis. I am currently a third year student at SUA and will be studying abroad in France (Spring of 2016). At Soka, I work as a student assistant at Ikeda Library; so if you have any question about finding or using resources I’ll be glad to direct you. See you all in the fall. Let’s make this an awesome first year!

Hideaki a.k.a. Steve (2018)

Class of 2019, welcome to SUA! This is Hideaki from Class of 2018! FYI, I’m half Indonesian and Japanese. Some interesting people call me Young-Gandhi. But remember, I’m not from India but Indonesia! Also, I go by Steve (although you’re still welcome to call me YG).

SUA is definitely an amazing place for you, both to grow and enjoy. The weather is so nice that it automatically makes you sit down and read books, the beach is so close that you can escape from campus anytime, and above all, Gandhi is always here to encourage you. Have a nice summer, and don’t forget to bring your energy and passion to SUA. We will see you all on August. 


Dimitri (2017)

Hey 2019!! I am Dimitri, class of 2017. I am from France, but I have lived in Orange County for 7 years now. I am a huge theatre fan. I have my Associate of Arts Degree in Theatre Arts for Performance and Acting. During my first year at SUA, a friend and I started a Theatre Arts Club. I also recently joined the Track & Field team as a javelin and discus thrower (first time ever being an athlete). In spring 2016, I will be studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain. I am quite a social person, which means I love hanging out with and talking to people. I am super excited to get to meet all of you!!!

Hillary (2018)

HELLOOOOO Class of 2019! Are you ready to rock!? I’m Hillary from the Class of 2018! I’m from Georgia, born and raised (and no, I don’t have a Southern accent, sorry). I absolutely adore Pokémon and Disney~! While I’m not particularly talented at the artsy things, I like doing them anyway. You’ll find me singing (especially Disney songs ;D), writing, or drawing pretty often. Fun fact: I’m generally a speedy text-er, so if you ever need anything, I’m usually a message away! I’m so excited to be your SOL this year, and I really hope you come join us on a Magikarpet ride (pls don’t hate me).


Yuki (2016)

I am Yuki, a third year student at SUA. I am from Osaka, Japan. Because of my great passion for literature and philosophy, I chose Humanities as my concentration. I am a member of Instant Radio, which is a rock band club on campus, and am having a lot of fun playing the guitar in more than three different bands with my friends. 

Lora (2018)

Hello friends! I'm Lora and I'm from the Class of 2018. I'm from the Bay Area, California, and I'm so excited to meet you all in August! I've been studying Japanese at Soka, but I also speak Russian and English fluently, and some Spanish. I believe in going on frequent hikes, watching every episode of my favorite shows, and always keeping my room fully stocked with all of the delicious snacks. Even though I'm not very musically coordinated, I joined SUA's Ghungroo Club, where I have fun learning Bollywood style dances. I also work on campus at the Performing Arts Center. During Winter Block, I had the opportunity to go to South Korea and Japan with my Learning Cluster, where we studied contesting memories of history in East Asia, the Japanese textbook controversy, and possible resolutions to peace in the region. I had never traveled to South Korea or Japan before, so the trip really inspired me to work hard for my future Study Abroad. I am very grateful to be at SUA and together, we Sokan make this a great year!


Dalena (2017)

Welcome, 2019-ers!

I am Dalena, class of 2017, and I look forward to sharing the everyday joys of life with you! Though we all have different beginnings, everyone at SUA walks together on an endless path toward the future. My own journey started in the Bay Area, about an hour from San Francisco. Being part of the Soka community has led me to a place that empowers me to be more positive than ever before because someone is always here to respect and support us as humans united under the same blue sky. I would like to extend this happiness to you, so don’t hesitate to reach out whenever! 

Nobuhiro (2018)

How are you Class of 2019~ Congratulation on your acceptance to SUA!!

I am Nobuhiro, a super fresh Japanese boy who loves adventure! I know my name is hard to remember, so feel free to call me Noble Hero.

But seriously, I have to tell you that SUA is an amazing place; students with various backgrounds can share ideas and stories. You get to meet so many people here: your own class, upper class students, chefs at the cafeteria, and raccoons. We are part of a strongly bonded community.

I am so excited to meet with all of you and hope you all make it here safely.

We will be waiting! See you soon!!