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Student Clubs and Organizations

Club Senate

Club Senate is the branch of Soka Student Union (SSU) that manages and supports student clubs. It consists of three officers (President, Secretary, and Treasurer) who are elected into office every spring. The goals are to create and maintain a sense of unity among club officers and members alike, to unite the student body through club activities, and to ensure that students' club experiences are positive and beneficial. Club Senate strives to provide opportunities for collaboration among clubs and encourages students to participate in club events and activities while in pursuit of academic excellence.

2013-2014 Student Clubs

African Dance Club




Global Brigades


Cats in Crowns

Hip Hop Congress

Soka Cheerleaders

Chinese Club

Instant Radio

Soul Wings A Cappella Group

Circle K International Josho Daiko

Student Movement for Nuclear Disarmament

Corea Club

Ka Pilina Ho'olokahi


Counter Balance

Keep Soul

The Fruity Snacks

Dancing For a Cause

Kendo Club

Uchina Shinkanucha

Photo Club

Vietnamese Student Association
Free The Children Queeriosity

Vita Leonis Philharmonic Orchestra