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Volunteers are needed to keep the festival running smoothly. Volunteers working at least a two-hour shift receive free parking and a festival t-shirt. Sign up by emailing your contact information and preferred shift time to Our greatest need is from 6:30 a.m. — 10:00 a.m. to assist with exhibitor unloading.

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The performance application for the 19th Annual International Festival is open until March 1, 2020.

Information for Performers

Applications are accepted from January 2, 2020 until March 2, 2020. Applications are limited to one performance per organization and may be submitted only once. Applications submitted after March 2, 2020 will be placed on a waiting list in case of cancellations. Only US residents may apply. 

Examples of performances at the International Festival include dance, martial arts demonstrations, instrumental acoustic music (without amplification), vocal performances (without microphones), and live music bands. 

Volunteer performances are gratefully accepted and graciously acknowledged, but performers will not be compensated monetarily. Performance groups will receive one free parking admission for every two performers (please carpool!) and International Festival t-shirts as our thanks for sharing their talent and culture.


  • Image of booths in front of Peace Lake and the gym.

    Exhibitor Registration

    Exhibitor registration is open until April 26, 2020 for Soka University’s 19th Annual International Festival on May 2, 2020. The deadline to be listed in the program is April 1, 2020.

Information for Exhibitors

For any questions, contact

Please send check or money order made out to Soka University to International Festival, Soka University, 1 University Drive, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656.  Space will not be reserved or assigned until payment is received.  You may also pay in cash.

Registration Fees:


  • $40 before March 1
  • $90 after March 1

Artists, Crafters, and Businesses:

  • $130 before March 1
  • $180 after March 1

Food may only be served by non-profit groups or SUA Student Clubs, although either group may partner with a restaurant or professional food server if they turn in a Partnership Agreement Form (PDF) which promises that 100% of the profits will go to the non-profit. Non-profits serving food are responsible for submitting the four-page county TFF Application permit package along with proof of non-profit status letter to Soka University along with their registration form by April 1st. 

All exhibitors are asked to provide their own tablecloths and extension cords if electrical is requested.  

No charcoal barbeques are permitted due to safety issues. If you are serving hot or cold food, please specify your power source so we know how to best place your space. 

A special Health Department briefing will be held in March 5 at noon at Soka University’s Founders Hall 3rd Floor Board Room for all food providers to share information on food-service rules and how to fill out the forms.  

Crafters and businesses may reserve a 6' table and 2 chairs for $130. No canopies or displays bigger than 10’x10’ will be permitted in one space. If your canopy or display is larger, you must purchase two spaces. Canopies ($35) and electrical access ($35) may be requested on your registration form. 

100’s - Inside of the Recreation Center - No food, tables only, wood floor must be protected from racks, air-conditioned, stage area   

200’s - Recreation Center Walls - FOOD ONLY. Electrical available, 10'x10' canopies permitted, grass, near dining tables with umbrellas

200’S - Recreation Center Plaza - No electrical, 10'x10' canopies permitted, grass or concrete

200’s - Recreation Center Front walkways - No electrical, grass, 10'x10' canopies permitted 

300’s - University Circle — Street in front of Recreation Center on Lake Side - no electrical, 10'x10' canopies permitted, asphalt or grass

300’s - University Circle — Street in front of Recreation Center on Rec. Center side - No electrical, 10'x10' canopies permitted, asphalt or grass, delayed moving onto asphalt until road closes at 9:30 am 

400’s - University Circle on lake side in front of Founders Hall - No electrical, 10'x10' canopies permitted, asphalt or grass, asphalt set-up cannot begin before 8:30 am (422-428 cannot set-up until 9:30 am)

400’s - University Circle — Street opposite lake side in front of Founders Hall - No electrical, 10'x10' canopies permitted, grass only

500’s - Founders Hall Front wall side - Electrical available, tighter spaces, 8'x8' canopies only, stone

500’s - Founders Hall Front lake side - No electrical, 8’x8’ canopies preferred, stone

600’s - Peace Lake, Wall Side - No electrical, 8'x8' canopies preferred

R1-8 - Peace Lake Rims - FOOD ONLY. Some electrical, 10'x10' canopies permitted, stone

700’s - Inside Founders Hall - Electrical available ($35 charge), no food, 6’ tables only, travertine, air-conditioned

800’s - Adventure Land - Children’s area on Founders Walk grass area above Peace Lake stage

900’s - Second floor balcony of Founder’s Hall - Electrical available ($35 charge), no food

Set-up times are by location.

First Set-Up: 5:00 p.m.—7:00 p.m. on the Friday before the festival and 6:30 p.m.—8:00 a.m. on the morning of the festival. 

  • Locations in the 100’s, 200’s, 400’s on the grass only
  • 500’s, 600’s, R1-8, 700’s, 800’s and 900’s

Second Set-Up: 8:30 a.m.—10:30 a.m. on the morning of the festival.

  • Locations in the 300’s and most 400’s (except 422-428)

Third Set-Up: 9:30 a.m.—10:30 a.m. on the morning of the festival. These spaces are in unloading areas.

  • Spaces 311-313, 316-318, 422-428

100’s, 200’s, 300’s, 600’s, or R 1-4 — in front of the Recreation Center

400’s, 500’s, 700’s, or R 5-8 — in front of Founders Hall

800’s (Adventure Land) — Parking Lot C (just past the Recreation Center)

Please come during your designated time period and be prepared to park, unload quickly (we will have someone to watch your things on the day of), then park in Parking Lot A and come back to take your things to your exhibitor location. Please bring your own dolly or cart if needed. 

Important: University Circle closes at 9:30 a.m., so if you arrive late, you will have to unload from Parking Lot A.

Confirmed Exhibitors

Registered exhibitors are listed below, so you can always check your status. If you have a “C” after your name, you are confirmed and your space is reserved. This is your formal confirmation. No space is reserved until payment has been received. If your status is NOT PAID, we have received a registration form but no payment and no space has been assigned. * indicates a return exhibitor. A map of the festival layout indicates locations of stages, parking lots, and shuttle stops. Map numbers are subject to change. Updated 1/2/2020.

A Little Unwound* - Registration received. NOT PAID.

Anantara* - Registration received. NOT PAID

Archery Club of SUA* - Adventure Land 804, Bounce House, 6’ table, 10 chairs, tarp, electrical, canopy C

Aliso Niguel Democratic Club - University Circle 426. Voter registration, candidate information, 6’ table, 2 chairs C

Baha’i Faith of Aliso Viejo* - University Circle 435, Information, 6’ table, 2 chairs C

Barefoot Books* - University Circle 354, Children’s books, 6’ table, 2 chairs C

boe./BAPO, LLC - Registration received. NOT PAID

Boutique For The Unique Accessories - Registration form received.  NOT PAID.

Boy Scouts of America - El Camino Real District* — Recreation Center Front 262, Snow Cones, 6’ table, 2 chairs, electrical C  Need Health Permit Package

Breaking Chains* - Ice cream bars, bottles of water, 6’ table, 2 chairs, electrical.  NOT PAID.  Need health permit package.

Cable n Bits* - University Circle 333, Orchids, 6’ table, 2 chairs C

Ceramics of Soka University* - Founders Hall Front 500-503, 4 tables, 4 chairs, tablecloths. C

City of Aliso Viejo* - University Circle 357, Recreation class and camp information, 6’ table, 2 chairs C.

Club America Soccer Academy, Inc* - Registration form received. NOT PAID. Need health permit 4 page package.

Creativeego USA* - University Circle 300, Accessories, clothing, bags, jewelry. 6’ table, 2 chairs C

Cyrilla Art & Design - Registration received. NOT PAID

Davenport Accessories* - Founders Hall Front 510, 511, Jewelry, three 6’ tables, 4 chairs, 2 canopies C

Dinora Creazioni* - University Circle 314 (late set up), Amirugumis, bags, handmade crochet, 6’ table, 2 chairs - owe $5

doTerra* - Registration received.  NOT PAID

Dreams of Tibet* - University Circle 448, clothing, handbags, backpacks, 6’ table, 2 chairs C

Forever Heart* - 2 spaces TBD, Hats, sunglasses, two 6’ tables, 4 chairs C

Goldfish Swim School Aliso Viejo* - Recreation Center Front 244, Information, 6’ table, 2 chairs C

Guan Yin Citta* - University Circle 307, 308. Books, information, drinks (milk tea, coffee), snacks (donuts, chips), two 6’ tables, 4 chairs, NEED HEALTH PERMIT FOUR PAGE FORMS, PROOF OF NON-PROFIT STATUS  C

Henna Body Art* - Recreation Center Front 251, Henna, 6’ table, 2 chairs C

HOPE for SMA* - Recreation Center Front 238, 239, Tacos, quesadillas, gorditas, burritos, 6’ table, 2 chairs, electrical C  Need 4 page Health Permit package.

International Orphan Care #1 with Athena Restaurant* - Recreation Center Front 233, Greek food, two 6’ tables, 2 chairs, electrical C  Need 4 page Health Permit package

International Orphan Care #2 - Recreation Center Front 234, Afghanistan information and food, 6’ table,2 chairs, canopy, electrical C  Need 4 page Health Permit package

ISKCON* - University Circle 309, 310 - Snacks and refreshments, two 6’ tables, 4 chairs, 2 canopies - Need new 4 page Health Permit form and description of what snacks and refreshments to be served and what cooking is involved.

Imuraya USA, Inc - Registration received.  NOT PAID

Jade Orient* - University Circle 340, Jewelry and clothing, 6’ table, 2 chairs C

Jessie and Sky - Registration received. NOT PAID

Jewelry Design by Amy Jahn - Recreation Center Front 246, Jewelry, 6’ table, 2 chairs C

Kaiser Permanente - Registration received. NOT PAID

LeafFilter North, LLC - Founders Hall 2nd Fl Balcony 911, LeafFilter Gutter protection display, 6’ table, 2 chairs, electrical C

Moulton’s* - Registration received. NOT PAID

MALA - University Circle 334, Jewelry, 6’ table, 2 chairs - NEED IRS PROOF OF NON-PROFIT STATUS LETTER  C

NAMI Orange County - University Circle 405, NAMI resources, 6’ table, 2 chairs, canopy C

Navam Collections* - University Circle 317, Jewelry, 6’ table, 2 chairs C

New York Life* - Adventure Land 800, Free Child IDs, 6’ table, 2 chairs, electrical C

Orange County Clerk-Recorder* -  University Circle 400, Information, 6’ table, 2 chairs, canopy C

Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett* - Community Partner, University Circle 358, 6’ table, 2 chairs C

Oui-Connect* - University Circle 438, Host families for international students, 6’ table, 2 chairs C (using last year’s reg form)

Priti Henna Art* - Founders Hall Front 509, Henna art, 6’ table, 2 chairs C

Rainbow After Our Strom - Registration received. NOT PAI

Rock Painter Scissors - Registration received. NOT PAID

Senegence (LipSense)* University Circle 353, Skin care and cosmetics, 6’ table, 2 chairs C

Share International USA* - Founders Hall lnside 703, Information, 6’ table, 2 chairs C

Soka University Book Store* - Founders Hall Inside 708-709, Festival t-shirts and SUA items, two 6’ table, 2 chairs C

Solshine Creations* - Registration received. NOT PAID

THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER* - Presenting Sponsor, Banner, University Circle 428, 6’ table, 2 chairs, canopy C 

The TIYYA Foundation - Peace Lake R1, Food (NEED TO KNOW WHAT FOOD, NEED 4 PAGE HEALTH PERMIT FORMS, NEED PROOF OF NON-PROFIT STATUS IRS LETTER), 6’ table, 2 chairs C  (no electrical outlet for laptop unless requested and paid — would change location.  Wi-Fi is available.)

Unimasters Toastmasters* -  Founders Hall Front 524, Toastmasters at Soka University, 6’ table, 2 chairs C

United National Association Inc, Orange County Chapter* - University Circle 425, Information, 6’ table, 2 chairs, canopy C

Yantra’s Collection - Recreation Center Front 254, Handmade clothing from Nepal, 6’ table, 2 chairs C

YoderDo Quilling Cards* - University Circle 415, Handmade quilling greeting cards, space only C

International Festival Map
Map of International Festival exhibitor locations.