Schedule of Events

Chinese dancers  

 2018 Schedule of Events 

 *The schedule is subject to change

Peace Lake Stage: outdoors under canopy, wood dance floor, 170 seats
Recreation Center Stage: indoors, wood stage - 400 seats
Soka Performing Arts Center Stage: indoors, wood stage - 1000 seats
Black Box Theatre Stage: indoors, stage - 150 seats


10:45 AM             Mumbai Madness ZumBolly

11:10 AM             JJ & the Habibis Laguna Beach Belly Dancers

11:45 AM             SUA Rhythmission (Hip-hop Dance)

11:55 AM             UCI KKAP (K-pop Dance)

12:15 PM             Ballet Folklorico TSANDA

12:45 PM             Laviva Flemenco

1:05 PM               SUA Counterbalance (Jazz Dance)

1:15 PM               RemJ - Michael Jackson Tribute Artist

1:50 PM               SUA DFC (Hip-hop Dance)

2:00 PM               SUA 17th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION

2:35 PM               SUA Sualseros (Latin Dance)

2:53 PM               Center for World Music Odissi Dance School of San Diego

3:16 PM               Ballet Folklorico Sueno de Mi Tierra

3:49 PM               California Martial Arts

4:07 PM               Zumbuli Folk Dancing Group

4:30 PM               Mudra Academy of Dance

4:50 PM               SUA Pan-African Union (African Dance)

4:55 PM               SUA Keep Soul (Locking/K-pop Dance)



10:45 AM             Scandia Dancers of Southern California

11:18 AM             Mei-Ling Lee Chinese Dance Group

11:51 AM             Susana Elena Spanish & Flamenco Dance

12:14 PM             Maple Youth Ballet

12:47 PM             SUA Ghungroo (Indian Dance)

12:54 PM             SUA Rhythmission (Hip-hop Dance)

1:01 PM               SUA 123B (K-Pop Dance)

1:13 PM               Die Gemutlichen Schuhplattler Bavarian Dance

1:45 PM               SUA Ka Pilina Ho'olokahi (Hula/Haka)

2:00 PM               INTERMISSION

2:30 PM               SUA Cheerleading

2:38 PM               SUA Counterbalance (Jazz Dance)

2:46 PM               Wakahisa-Kai (Japanese Dance)

3:09 PM               Angelika Nemeth & the OCC World Dance Ensemble

3:27 PM               V & T Classical Ballet and Dance Academy

4:00 PM               Paso de Oro Dance Company

4:30 PM               SUA Josho Daiko (Japanese Drum)



10:30 AM             A Little Dynasty Chinese Orchestra

11:30 AM             Priceless Pearls Interfaith Chorus

12:45 AM             SUA Vita Leonis Philharmonic Orchestra

1:30 PM               Dhwani Academy of Percussion Music (Indian Music)

2:00 PM               INTERMISSION

3:30 PM               SUA Soul Wings (Acapella Chorus)

3:50 PM               SUA Koto (Japanese Strings Instrument)



10:30 AM             Silver Lotus (Rock Music)

11:00 AM             SUA Cats in Crowns (Jazz Music)

12:00 PM             Avartan Foundation (Indian Music)

1:00 PM               HGT Express (Blues / Rockabilly Music)

2:00 PM               INTERMISSION

2:30 PM               SUA Instant Radio (Rock Music)

4:15 PM               J-Hoon Musical Ensemble (Kurdish Music)