Schedule of Events

Chinese dancers  

 2019 Schedule of Events  (2020 Schedule of Events will be posted mid-April 2020) 

 *This schedule is subject to change

Peace Lake Stage: outdoors under canopy, wood dance floor, 170 seats
Recreation Center Stage: indoors, wood stage - 500 seats
Soka Performing Arts Center Stage: indoors, wood stage - 1000 seats
Black Box Theatre Stage: indoors, stage - 150 seats




10:30 AM        Ballet Folklorico Sueño de Mi Tierra

11:00 AM        SUA Rhythmission (Hip-Hop dance)

11:10 AM        SUA Counter Balance (Jazz Dance)

11:20 AM        SUA DFC (Break Dance)

11:35 PM        Center for World Music, Odissi Dance School

12:05 PM        Phượng Hoàng Dance Group (Phoenix)

12:30 PM        Grupo Folklorico Desfaio

1:10 PM          Balistk (BTK)

1:35 PM          Orange County Shaolin Temple Cultural Center

2:00 PM          Soka University's 18th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION

2:30 PM          SUA Sualseros (Latin Dance)

2:45 PM          SUA Project 39 (Urban Dance)

2:50 PM          SUA Ghungroo (Indian Dance)

2:55 PM          SUA Black Student Union (African Dance)

3:05 PM          SUA Jyuhwa (K-Pop Dance)

3:30 PM          Laviva Flamenco

4:10 PM          Amala Collectiv

4:40 PM          Ramblin’ Rogues Square Dance Club of Mission Viejo




10:45 AM        Die Gemütlichen Schuhplattler - Bavaria & Austria Folk Dancers

11:30 AM        Codices de Mexico

12:15 AM        Mei-Ling Lee Chinese Dance Group

1:00 PM          Maple Youth Ballet

1:45 PM          SUA Ka Pilina Ho’olokahi (Polynesian Dance)

2:00 PM          Intermission

2:30 PM          California Martial Arts

3:00 PM          V&T Classical Ballet Dance Academy

3:45 PM          Angelika Nemeth & the OCC World Dance Ensemble

4:10 PM          SUA Cheerleading

4:30 PM          SUA Josho Daiko (Japanese Taiko Drum)




11:00 AM        SUA Koto (Japanese String Instrument)

11:30 AM        SUA Soul Wings (A cappella)

12:00 PM        Orange County Friendship Choir

12:45 PM        Orange County Guan Yin Citta

1:15 PM          Lotus Bud Guzheng Academy & Vivid China Ensemble 

2:00 PM          Intermission

2:45 PM          Yo Kano -- International Pianist and Vocalist -- See Bio below!

3:30 PM          SUA Vita Leonis Philharmonic Orchestra




10:30 AM        Mystic Wave

11:30 AM        Dhwani Academy of Percussion Music

12:30 PM        SUA Cats in Crowns (Jazz Band)

1:30 PM          SUA Instant Radio (Rock Band)

2:00 PM          INTERMISSION

3:00 PM          Priceless Pearls

3:35 PM          SUA Shodography (Calligraphy & Dance)

4:00 PM          SUA Arts Collective (Song/Poem Collaboration)

4:30 PM          J-Hoon Musical Ensemble

Yo Kono, pianist


Yo Kano was born in Japan and started playing piano at the age of five. When he was in his early teens he appeared regularly in concert and on various television and variety shows in Japan playing trumpet. Upon losing his sight at age eighteen, he shifted his focus back to playing piano and keyboards, began singing, and continued to work as a composer/arranger. 

Yo Kano came to New York in 1982 upon receiving a scholarship and has since made New York his home and base. He worked as a piano player/singer at various clubs in the city. He also worked for several Japanese recording companies (Polydor, JVC, King Records) as a composer, arranger and producer. He released his own album, Manhattan Island in 1987 under King records produced by David Matthews. In 1991 he wrote the theme song for the World Congress on Technology for the Disabled held in Washington, D.C. sponsored by the United Nations and the United States. He wrote the song Now Is the Time in 1995 to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations. Yo Kano's concerts have taken him to the far reaches of southeast Asia,Turkey, Oceania, and Africa. He returns to Japan two or three times a year for performances. He has also released four CDs: Yo!, Mother, Sukiyaki, and Now is the Time.

He is currently working as a composer/arranger using computer sequencing technology. He is on the faculty of The Filomen M. D’Agostino Greenberg Music School in New York City. Yo Kano regularly participates in and sponsors charity concerts as well as workshops in music technology for the visually-impaired.