Welcome to Soka University's Founders Hall Art Gallery

SUA's beautiful two-story, 8,000 square foot Founders Hall Art Gallery is open M-F from 9AM - 5PM. Admission is free.  Enjoy a 360-degree view of first floor Founders Hall Art Gallery.

Founders Hall Gallery

Upcoming Shows and Exhibits

Please see our calendar for upcoming shows and exhibitions. Directions.  

Exhibition Proposals

If you are an artist interested in exhibiting in the gallery, see our guidelines for proposals for future exhibitions.


The Art Gallery may also be rented for receptions and special events.


ClassWorks 2018 painting

Class Works 2018: Student Art Exhibition

May 21-August 31, 2018

  Mutlu Painting

Breaking the Rules of the Past: A Retrospective by Mutlu Ertac

May 21-August 31, 2018

Past Exhibitions
Cherry blossom drawing

Class Works 2016: Student Art Exhibition

May 19-August 26, 2016

Fike photograph of Sorrell
J.W.Fike's Photographic Survey of the Wild Edible Botanicals of California

May 19 - August 26, 2016
Natasha Shoro and Anushe Shoro art work
The Essence of Being - Painting, Photography and Poetry by Natasha Shoro and Anushe Shoro

Feb 1 - May 7, 2016
Sliver painting by Leslie Price  Garden Conversations - Paintings by Leslie Kenneth Price

Sept 14 - Dec 23, 2015
Lip Service

Class Works 2015 - Student Art Exhibition

May 2 - August 18, 2015

Down Under painting Encounters with Nature - The Art of Gerry Tuten

May 2 - August 18, 2015

Mooncatcher painting

The Outsider Inside - Private Visions/Graphic Expressions:

The Art of Munio Makuuchi

January 20 - April 17, 2015 


glass sculpture

Eden Revisited:

Sculpted Glass by Kathleen Elliot 

January 20 - April 17, 2015



The Art of Mapping: 25 years of Paintings by Spelman Evans Downer

September 11, 2014 - January 2, 2015

Zen Garden Landscapes from the Huntington Library by Dennis McGonagle

May 19-Aug 25, 2014

Class Works 2014

May 19- August 25, 2014


California Fibers

January 13-May 8, 2014

Yu Ji painting

Moments Unchained: Paintings and Drawings by Yu Ji

September 9 - October 31, 2013

lotus painting

 Class Works 2013

 May 20 - December 31, 2013

Osuna Pancho villa

Mexico At The Hour of Combat: Sabino Osuna's Photographs of the Mexican Revolution

May 20 - August 23, 2013

Silver Print Pony

Silver Prints - Photography by Tim Volk

February 4 - May 10, 2013

Layered Cadences

Layered Cadences: Four Artists

November 29, 2012 - January 25, 2013



Golden States of Grace - Prayers of the Disinherited
Photography by Rick Nahmias

September 17 - November 16, 2012


 The Laguna Wilderness: Images and Impressions
 Photography by Ron Chilcote

student art

 ClassWorks 2012 - Student Art Exhibition

May 22 - Aug 31, 2012

Traveling Vines

Cathy Breslaw: Transitions

January 19-May 11, 2012

Class Works 2011 Hands

Arie A. Galles: HEARTLAND Reflected Light Paintings

Sept 8, 2011 - Jan 6, 2012

student art ClassWorks 2011 - Student Art Show

May 22 - August 31, 2011
Joseph Raffael art
Rust Bucket

Joseph Raffael:
Reflections from the Garden

Ballast: Ceramic Art by Don Ryan

January 18 - April 15, 2011

Quiso pero no pudo

Nature Prevails

Specters of Culture: Argentine Post-Dictatorship Art
by Sebastian Chillemi and Pablo Salvado
Sept 16, 2010 - Jan 7, 2011

Lip Service

Obstacleism by Farr Ligvani

June 15 - August 5, 2010

Lip Service ClassWorks 2010: Student Art Show

May 22 - August 31, 2010
Lip Service Reflections of an Armchair Arteologist
Photographic Retrospective by Mark Chamberlain

Jan 21 - May 14, 2010
Rita Blitt Passionate Gestures of Rita Blitt

September 1, 2009 - January 8, 2010
sea of ink Sea of Ink - Calligraphic Expressions in American

June 11 - August 22, 2009
classworks 2009 Class Works 2009 - SUA Student Art Exhibition

May 22 - August 22, 2009
Soka Education Soka Education Exhibition

May 2 - June 8, 2009

Manzanar Pilgrimage - Photographs from the National Manzanar Historic Site 1983-2008 by Mark Kirchner

Feb. 1 - May 15, 2009


Voices of Silence, Voices of Hope - Rhea Carmi Art Exhibition

September 15 - December 31, 2008
traces Traces of Recollection - Gail Schneider 

May 3 - July 15, 2008
ClassWorks 2008 ClassWorks 2008 - Student Art Exhibition

May 22 - August 30, 2008


Richard Artschwager - Large Concepts in Small Formats

January 18 - April 18, 2008
Jewels of China

Jewel of China - Photography by Danny Sze
Debut of 96 extraordinary images from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong

February 16 - March 28, 2007

natasha Natasha Shoro Mixed Media Art Exhibition

September 11, 2007 - December 31, 2007


ClassWorks 2007 - Student/Faculty Art Exhibition

May 3 - August 30, 2007
Galles Exhibit 2006 Arie A. Galles's Fourteen Stations/Hey Yud Dalet

Twilight of the 21st Century The Reflected Environment - paintings by Dennis McGonagle

Class Works 2006 ClassWorks 2006 - Student/Faculty Art Exhibition

  • Dreaming of Peace for the love of it - painting and photography by Penny McManigal, Artist for Peace and Transformation - 2005
  • ClassWorks 2005 - student/faculty art exhibition
  • Nicolai - His Expressionist World - 2005
  • Voices of Chinese Diaspora - An Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art - 2005
  • Contours of Modernity - An Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art - 2005
  • ClassWorks 2004 - student/faculty art exhibition
  • Honduran Quilts - 2004
  • Uncharted Terrain: Contemporary Approaches to Landscape Art - 2004
  • Building a Culture of Peace for the Children of the World - 2004
  • Peace's New Century 2004
  • Liquid Art - 2003
  • Images of Courage - photography by Danny Sze - 2003
  • Weaving the Earth in Harmony - Native American Art from the Collection of Bowers Museum of Cultural Art and photography by Eugene Lally - 2003
  • Bridges to Freedom - 2002
  • Emmett Amos - Wood Sculpture - 2001
  • Linus Pauling and the 21st Century -  2001
  • Gandhi, King, Ikeda: A Legacy of Building Peace - 2001

Guidelines For Submitting Exhibition Proposals

The Soka University Art Gallery Committee reviews all exhibition proposals on the basis of theme, quality, size (number of works vs. space available and suitability to large wall spaces), media, uniqueness to SUA (have we done a similar exhibition in the recent past?) and proposed budget.

Theme considerations include:  Does the proposed exhibition relate to Soka University's mission to foster a steady stream of global citizens committed to living a contributive life? Does the art relate to SUA's core values of peace, human rights and the sanctity of life?  Does it relate to topics SUA students are studying or will be studying?  Does it offer a unique insight into another country or culture? 

Exhibitions are usually booked two to three years in advance. Proposals should include web links or digital or print images of works for committee review, background of artist, description including size and number of works, theme, title, proposed dates of exhibition, and a detailed budget. Budget considerations: Will artist hang works?  Do hangers need to be hired?  Shipping or transportation cost to Gallery?  If shipping is involved, the Gallery will pay the cost of shipping and shipping insurance to the Gallery for an approved exhibition, but it will be the artist's responsibility to provide shipping and insurance from the Gallery to the next destination. The Gallery does not usually pay for the cost of making prints, canvas/paint/materials for creating art or mounting/framing.  Art should arrive in a ready-to-hang condition.  The Gallery only accepts art that can be hung on walls.  Art submitted for consideration MUST be available at the time of exhibition.
Founders Hall Art Gallery exhibitions usually run 3-4 months.  Artists should be available to attend an Opening Reception, which will be hosted by SUA. If transportation is needed, it should be included in the budget.  The Gallery will also pay for one night's hotel stay and will provide meal tickets for artists coming from out of town for an Opening Reception.

Artists should be aware that the Gallery is also used for receptions and special events throughout the year that may include food in the Gallery.   

Proposals should be emailed or mailed to:

Michelle Martin, Gallery Liaison
Soka University Art Gallery Committee
1 University Drive
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

For additional questions contact: arts@soka.edu or call 949.480.4237.

Founders Hall Art Gallery
Soka University
1 University Drive
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656