Academics Overview (MA Program)

MA in Educational Leadership
and Societal Change

MA ProgramThe MA Program in Educational Leadership and Societal Change seeks qualified applicants of both domestic and international origin, who possess varying kinds and degrees of post-baccalaureate work experience, including but not limited to classroom teaching experience, and who bring to the Program a diversity of racial, ethnic, and transcultural perspectives. The ideal candidate will have had some work experience in education or a related field, have an NCATE-accredited Bachelor’s in Education (BED), or in lieu of the BED, courses demonstrating some command of contemporary educational issues either in the United States or abroad, and an abiding career interest in educational research and development (and ultimately leadership) in either a school or non-school setting. Students applying directly to the Program from an undergraduate institution need to be able to demonstrate their saliency as a candidate as indicated, for example, in their course-work, internship experiences, or leadership ability.

Successful candidates will have a passion for humanistic organizational as well as societal change, desiring to work as educational leaders within their chosen workplace, profession, or career. Toward this end, they will be looking to develop a foundational knowledge, comparative and international, around the problems and challenges of effective educational leadership, while learning from experience and as practitioners the importance of advanced educational research in effecting lasting, democratic change. Although the Program does not provide licensure in any one particular field, prospective students seeking in addition to the MA an Administration Services Credential in their respective state or country are encouraged to apply.

The Program targets young and mature adult learners who are either looking for an MA program leading to the PhD or EdD degree in educational leadership or a related field, hope to enter (or re-enter) the teaching field as an administrator, or plan to seek work as educational leaders and consultants in one of a wide variety of non-school settings.