Academic Computing

Brightspace Learning Management System  (LMS)

Brightspace is a web-based courseware application that allows instructors to post course related information for students and conduct courses online in a secure environment. This course management tool provides online syllabus, course outline, file sharing, discussion boards and an intranet portal.

 In addition to Brightspace, some programs and or courses require specialty software, such as SPSS (Statistical Analysis), ARCGIS (Graphical Information System), Google Earth and Google Scholar, which are available upon request. 

Language Lab

language lab

The SUA language lab provides 15 language learning stations equipped with state-of-the-art language learning software and hardware.

Students using the facilities at the language lab are able to practice and improve their listening comprehension and speaking skills in the given target language.

Student Computing Lab

The student computing Lab provides a space for students to collaborate on projects and coursework.  The lab is equipped with 14 workstations to assist students in their writing assignments and other coursework.  Each workstation includes video and audio editing software that enables students to create different types of content for their class projects.

student lab

library classroom

Library Classroom and Testing Lab

 The SUA Library Classroom is equipped with 22 Windows workstations used for library instruction.  Our campus library provides research databases to all students to assist in their academic endeavors. The library classroom is used to teach students how to use these databases and all the other online resources available in our campus library. An audio visual cart with a 70 inch LED TV and computer can be used for instruction.  A small printer is also available to print out any training materials.

The Testing Lab is used for secured proctored online exams. The room is equipped with 21 Virtual terminals installed with Angel Secure Browser. The Angel Secure Browser prevents copying, pasting and accessing any other websites while in use.

Training Lab

 The Training lab is used for student, staff and faculty training, it is equipped with 6 Virtual terminals loaded with Microsoft Office, Adobe Premier Suite and Adobe Acrobat Pro. An audio visual cart with a 70 inch LED TV and computer and additional monitor is available for the instructor. The set-up allows for hands-on training and project work.

training lab training lab2

Music Studio and Music Lab

 The music lab is used for music instruction and music composition. The lab is equipped with four iMac workstations connected to a music keyboard to enable music learning and composition.  The lab also has a local printer installed used by both the music lab and the music studio to print out music scores. Specialty software is included in each workstation to assist in the instruction of music.

 The music studio is used for music composition classes.  The studio is equipped with three music studio workstations.  Each station has an Apple workstation connected to a music keyboard and an analog mixer.  Specialty music software is included in the workstation setup and allows for instruction in composing and creating music scores.

Residence Hall Labs

 There are two computer labs in Residence Hall 375.  Each lab is equipped with 10 virtual terminals and a printer.  These labs are used by our summer program for young women from Soka Women’s College in Tokyo Japan. Each year 20-40 young women come to SUA to participate in an exchange program that helps them learn the language and culture of the United States.

Multi Media

Soka University provides classrooms with a variety of technology resources to assist professors in their classroom instruction. There are three basic setups for classroom instruction. 

  • Large classrooms are equipped with cutting-edge audio and visual systems that include bulb-less projectors and surround sound. 
  • Medium sized classrooms are furnished with bulb-less projectors and state-of-art flat field speakers.
  • Small classrooms are outfitted with LED TV carts which include 50-80 inch LED televisions and a windows PC for viewing presentations and videos.
multimedia multimedia2