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Soka Education Conference

The Soka Education Conference is an annual student-run, student-initiated conference. Open to all, the conference stands as a venue for all interested to explore and ponder the values and ideas of Soka Education. Each year the Soka Education Student Research Project (SESRP) invites a diverse array of people, from current SUA students, alumni, educators from various backgrounds, and community members to contribute to the discussion and offer their insight and knowledge. Throughout the conference, presenters will share their studies, experiences, and applications of Soka Education Pedagogy and humanistic education in traditional and non-traditional spheres.

2017 Soka Education Conference: 13th Annual Conference

On February 11th  and 12th, 2017 we begin our journey into a wholesome two days, filled with dynamic, thought-provoking dialogue on Soka Education. Within this volume, we will have 9 presentations pertaining to this year’s theme: “Transforming Society Through Human Education.” Amidst the wars, chaos, injustices and wide-ranging violence transpiring in this past year alone, we decided to deliberate the roles of education in the society and community and how Soka education may contribute to transforming society into more peaceful.

2016 was a year of violence and turmoil. From the terrorist attack done by ISIS in the towns of Syria, which caused the casuality of 140-270 people to the suicide attack in Brussel, Belgian which killed 32 people and injured over 340, to the gun shooting against LGBTQ community in Orlando, Florida, to suicide bombing in the airport in Istanbul, Turkey that killed 45 people. British government decided to leave the EU. After all the political drama and intense argument, the U.S began the new government with the president Donald Trump. People are desperate for change but do not know where to go. As the world feels like demolishing rather than uniting, and hatred, prejudice, ignorance, and racism are prevalent in the society, we, humanity together, must respond. Therefore, SESRP was compelled us to open this year’s conference as a forum for peace and education, to bridge the two and consider education as the launching pad. We hope this collection of works will inspire each of you to consider the essence of Soka Education, to utilize it as the catalyst for transforming the turmoil and sufferings of society into one committed to value-creating activism for the sake of peace.

We are pleased to present this year's keynote speaker Dr. Awad Ibrahim, who currently serves as a professor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa. He is a Curriculum Theorist with special interest in cultural studies, Hip-Hop, youth and Black popular culture, social foundations (i.e., philosophy, history and sociology of education), social justice and community service learning, diasporic and continental African identities, ethnography and applied linguistics. He has researched and published widely in these areas. He obtained his PhD from OISE, the University of Toronto, and has been with the Faculty of Education of the University of Ottawa since 2007. Before that, he was in the United States where he taught in Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Internationally, he has ongoing projects in Morocco, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and the United States. His current projects include an ethnography of an inner city high school in Ottawa (funded by Ottawa-Carleton District School Board) and a SSHRC-funded project on the daily struggle of ‘becoming citizen’ in Canada. He is the creator and the leader of the Urban Education Community at the Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa. This is a project that intends to immerse Bachelor of Education students into urban middle and high schools. He has more than 100 publications. Complementing our keynote speaker, we will have a diverse selection of speakers, panel discussions, and workshops. Check out the program of the conference here.


Thank you everyone for your continuous support of SESRP and the conference. The dates of the 13th Annual Soka Education Conference are on February 11-12, 2017This is a great opportunity for everyone to present their research at an academic conference and learn more about Soka Education Pedagogy in the process. Here is the link of Facebook page of our conference: Please make sure to join this page in order to get most up-to-date information!!

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