Soka Education Conference

Soka Education Conference

The Soka Education Conference is an annual student-run, student-initiated conference. Open to all, the conference stands as a venue for all interested to explore and ponder the values and ideas of Soka Education. Each year the Soka Education Student Research Project (SESRP) invites a diverse array of people, from current SUA students, alumni, educators from various backgrounds, and community members to contribute to the discussion and offer their insight and knowledge. Throughout the conference, presenters will share their studies, experiences, and applications of Soka Education Pedagogy and humanistic education in traditional and non-traditional spheres.

2019 Soka Education Conference: 15th Annual Conference

On February 9 and 10, 2019, Soka University of America’s Soka Education Student Research Project (SESRP) will host their 15th annual Soka Education Conference. The undergraduate-led conference aims to promote dialogue on the application of Soka Education pedagogy in traditional and non-traditional spheres. The 2019 conference, entitled Soka Education in the SDG Era, will critically examine the capacity of Soka Education, a humanistic pedagogy focused on peace-building and global citizenship, to support the United Nations in implementing their seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The conference will be held in Pauling 216 on Saturday, February 9 12:00pm-6:00pm, and Sunday, February 10, 12:00 pm–5:00 pm. The conference is open to the community, and admission is free.

This year’s coordinators are pleased to offer a forum where scholars, educators, and community members may engage in dialogue through both traditional presentations and workshops. Given this year’s theme, the conference will serve as a platform to discuss education for disaster management, gender equality, and education in developing countries, among other topics.              

SESRP is also excited to present this year's keynote speaker, Jaimie P. Cloud, the Founder and President of the Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education in New York City. As a pioneer in her field, Ms. Cloud’s experience developing Education for Sustainability(EfS) targets and frameworks will offer invaluable insights to our conference. Her work in sustainability education supports the Sustainable Development Goals and deeply resonates with the conference theme, as well as with the core values of Soka Education.

Complementing the keynote speaker, the Soka Education conference will offer a diverse selection of presenters, panelists, and workshops by current Soka University students, graduate students, and researchers from academic institutions from overseas. A few titles of this year’s presentations include:

“Ideas on a Multidimensional Cosmopolitan Dialogue: Exploring the Intersection Soka Education and the UN SDGs,”
“Building a Culture of Resilience through Education for Disaster Risk Reduction”
“Gender Equality through Soka Education: Cultivating Respect and Empowerment to Overcome Cultural Barriers”

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The Program of the 15th Soka Education Conference

 Day 1: Saturday February 9’2019





Opening Words

Danny Habuki


Introduction to SESRP



“Ideas on a Multidimensional Cosmopolitan Dialogue: Exploring the Intersection of Soka Education and the UN SDGs”

Alesse Nunes


“The Impact of the Value-Creating Pedagogy Applied to the Concept of Popular Education”

Bruno de Franca Correia




"An element of Hip-hop: How Breaking can contribute to the mutual advancement of Soka Education and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals "

Beng Hwee Tan


“Reconnecting Soka Pedagogy and the SDGs education at Soka High Schools”

Kana Aizawa
Koichi Sakakibara
Miwa Tsujioka





“The Student and Teacher’s Pedagogical and Spiritual Experience of, not in, the Writing Classroom: A look at Loyolan and Sōka Gakkai approaches”

Sydney Delaney


Keynote Speaker

Jaimie P. Cloud


Closing Words, Photos


 Day 2: Sunday February 10’2019





Opening Words

Bryan Penprase


“Framing Post-secondary Instructor Perspectives on Experiential Learning Within Soka Education Theory”

Dr. Paul Sherman & SERI-GC Research Team


“Building a Culture of Resilience through Education for Disaster Risk Reduction”

Thuy Nguyen





Deconstructing the Gender Binary in Sustainable Development

Feminism into Practice

Confronting Global Climate Change

Leadership and the Sustainable Development Goals: Empowering Individuals to Create Value

Marisha Thomas, Abbie Malabuyoc, Chloe Simson, Brianna Hanson, & Shara Henderson

Kano Umezaki
Victoria Huynh
Nana Takahashi
Chie Sakamoto

Dr. Deike Peters
Dr. Kristi Wilson
Dr. Tomás Crowder-Taraborrelli

Aditi Lal
Anna Lane
Junior Menezes
Mitsuko Shimizu
Steven Ryu


“Gender Equality through Soka Education: Cultivating Respect and Empowerment to Overcome Cultural Barriers”

Laurel Lee
Naomi Otsuka
Gloria Steiner
Chinami Sugiyama


“A Contextual Look: How Neoliberalism And Post-Colonialism Impact The SDGs And Global Citizenship. What Can Soka Education Do To Further True Equity In The Pursuit Of A Better World And A More Empowered People?”

Sanya Rajpal


Closing Words

Jay Heffron


Thank you everyone for your continuous support of SESRP and the conference. The dates of the 15th Annual Soka Education Conference are on February 9-10, 2019This is a great opportunity for everyone to present their research at an academic conference and learn more about Soka Education Pedagogy in the process. We have our Facebook page, please make sure to join this page in order to get most up-to-date information!!

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