Seating Charts

Concert Hall

The image below demonstrates basic seating sections and their relationship to the doors-for-entry. Yellow sections are on the first floor, red sections are on the second floor, and blue sections are on the third floor. The numbers-in-circles represent the door numbers.  
*Please note, not all sections and doors are available for all events. 

Concert Stage Seating Chart 
Thrust Stage Seating Chart 
Quasi-Thrust Seating Chart 

Black Box Theatre

This modular, theater space utilizes unreserved seating both on stadium-style risers and also on the floor of the theater, with the raised stage clearly visible to all. Persons with disabilities are guided, upon arrival, to the best available areas where they can be seated with their companions. Tickets for this venue will clearly state “General Admission,” as seating is unreserved and first-come/first-choice.