Music for Maui

Sun, Feb 4, 2024 |
Venue: Concert Hall
Music for Maui


$25 - $65
Senior 62+/Student/Military:
$22.50 - $58.50

This Concert is in Collaboration with Hālau Hula Lani Ola

Hālau Hula Lani Ola
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Music for Maui is a student-led fundraiser to raise money to support wildfire relief efforts on Maui.

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What began as a solo project of one local high school singer and musician has grown into a community-supported benefit concert that includes performances from local high school students and Hālau Hula Lani Ola. Hālau Hula Lani Ola is dedicated to the teaching, preservation, and perpetuation of traditional Hawaiian dance and other Native Hawaiian cultural arts through education, demonstration, and community outreach programs.

The spirit of Ohana, the Hawaiian concept of family, which emphasizes unity, support, and togetherness is inclusive. It extends beyond blood relation and makes each of us an uncle, auntie, or cousin. It also reminds us that when one person takes the first step, others will join, and together, we can make a significant difference. It is in this spirit that Music for Maui embarks on a mission to bring comfort and aid to those affected by tragedy through music and dance. It is also in this spirit that we invite you to join us on the journey as part of our Ohana. All proceeds from the concert will support Family Life Center and The American Red Cross Maui Disaster Relief Efforts.

This concert, aptly named “Ohana,” is not merely an event; it’s a movement fueled by the passion and commitment of students and like-minded individuals who want to make a difference. Through the universal language of music, Music For Maui aims to raise funds and spread awareness about the ongoing challenges posed by the Maui wildfires.

The heart of their initiative lies in involving the community, initiating live music events, and inspiring others to take action by spreading awareness. They believe that these collective efforts can contribute to rebuilding homes, cities, and communities, reviving confidence in long-term support, and regrowing hope in the hearts of those deeply affected.

Their plan is to raise and donate $50,000 to charities supporting mid-to-long-term housing solutions for displaced fire victims. As part of their commitment, they are partnering with reputable organizations such as the American Red Cross for short-term relief and Ohana Hope Village by Family Life Center for mid-term solutions.

Ohana Hope Village, a 501c.3 charity, is utilizing 10 acres of donated land in Central Maui to build 85 “pop-up” homes capable of housing approximately 500 people. These homes are designed to provide a comfortable living environment with private bathrooms, kitchens, and screened lānai, prioritizing the well-being and privacy of residents. Residents will have the freedom to reside in these homes for an extended period, typically a few years, as they work towards seeking more permanent housing options.


Ohana Hope Village