Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra Vivaldi's Four Seasons

Sun, Nov 10, 2024 |
Venue: Concert Hall
Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra


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This concert is co-presented with Philharmonic Society of Orange County

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Co-presented with Philharmonic Society of Orange County

“America’s leading historically informed ensemble” - The New York Times


Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra
Estelí Gomez
, soprano
Avi Avital, mandolin


VIVALDI (ARR. AVITAL) The Four Seasons (Le quattro stagioni)
     “Si’, la gondola avere’, no crie’”
     “L’occasion delle mie pene”
     “Cara la mia Ninetta”
     “In fin che’l tempo è bello”
     “Semplicetta è la farfalle”
     “Chi no ga la borsa grossa”
     “Co’ Checca, Betta e Catte”


Nothing beats Southern California weather, but if you want to experience all Four Seasons, there’s no better way than with Vivaldi’s most popular work. Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, mandolin superstar Avi Avital, and multi-GRAMMY® Award-winning soprano Estelí Gomez unite for an evening of delightful baroque and barcarolle music.

The Four Seasons is one of the most iconic compositions in the baroque repertoire, consisting of four violin concertos, each representing a different season of the year. Each concerto is accompanied by a sonnet, thought to be written by Vivaldi himself, that vividly describes the scenes and sounds of each season. From the chirping of birds in “Spring” to the dramatic storms in “Summer,” the harvest celebrations in “Autumn,” and the icy chill of “Winter,” Vivaldi masterfully captures the essence of each season in music.

This special performance by Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, featuring Avi Avital’s unique mandolin arrangement, offers a rare opportunity to hear all four concertos performed together. Avital’s interpretation brings a fresh perspective to this timeless piece, highlighting the intricate details and dynamic contrasts that make The Four Seasons a perennial favorite.

The mission of Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra is to perform great music that is universal and timeless, impacting quality of life on an emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual level. Their commitment to period-instrument performance at the highest level creates a distinct sound and singular listening experience. Historically-informed performance means not only playing music in the style in which it was written but also performing it with passion, joy, and vitality, providing a meaningful contemporary artistic experience. This mission enriches the appreciation of history and preserves the orchestral tradition for future generations.