2018 Learning Cluster Fair

April 05, 2018
Image of Learning Cluster Fair 2018

The 2018 Learning Cluster Fair, highlighted impressive field and service-learning Soka University students participate in over the 3.5-week winter block period.  Students experienced what it means to be global citizens; tackling various issues by bridging theory and practice together and formulating educated and constructive responses or actions to these issues.

The Coordinator of the 2018 Learning Clusters and Dean of Faculty, Bryan Penprase, opened the four-hour Learning Cluster Fair with a warm welcome and expressed appreciation to the Learning Cluster faculty, students and staff for their participation in the Fair.  Dean Penprase also graciously acknowledged the generous funding support from the Luis and Linda Nieves Family Foundation and the additional supplemental funding that allowed the Learning Clusters to go on more field trips to further enhance each learning experience.  In addition, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Edward Feasel also greeted campus and community members and invited everyone to join in a sing “Happy Birthday” to Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury who celebrated his 75th Birthday in February.  After the Ambassador’s joyful appreciation of the community’s serenade, the 2018 Learning Cluster commenced.  

Learning Cluster students impressed fellow classmates with their enthusiastic displays of research findings and newly-discovered perspectives and shared their compassionate concerns on regional, national, and international issues with the greater community of SUA.  Human rights, including children’s rights, ethnic and gender identity, peace, justice, conservation, science and economics, were central exhibit themes featured in vibrant poster displays and sophisticated computer-based presentations and films. Soka students and faculty alike were eager to welcome Luis Nieves and his daughter to the Fair this year as well, who were also impressed with all of the work and videos that were made for the Learning Cluster Fair.

Summaries of the 2018 Learning Clusters:

The Culture of Peace – Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury, Distinguished Visiting Scholar 

This is Ambassador Chowdhury’s 9th year teaching his “Culture of Peace” Learning Cluster.  His class studied the historical background and conceptual context of the Culture of Peace and its evolution within the United Nations system and the focus on non-violence and human security.  During the winter block the class examined a variety of topics such as; the Eight Areas of Action in UN Programme of Action; women’s contribution and impact of UN Resolution 1325; contributions of world’s great leaders for peace; role of individuals in advancing the culture of peace; path to self-transformation; involvement of young people; global citizenship; role of family and community; importance of forgiveness, dialogue and reconciliation; role of civil society; educational institutions, interfaith organizations, media, the United Nations and governments in promoting Peace and the future of the global movement for the Culture of Peace.  The Culture of Peace table at the Learning Cluster Fair featured student-created, informative and well-designed posters reflecting the class curriculum.