Our Tuition Promise

The Soka Opportunity Plan ensures that all admitted, undergraduate students whose family income is less than $90,000*, and who have a demonstrated financial need**, will not pay tuition out of pocket.

Soka University of America will ensure that your tuition will be covered by a combination of grants and scholarships from the university, federal and state governments, and private agencies.

Students with a higher demonstrated financial need, may qualify for even more gift aid to help reduce other educational related expenses, such as living expenses, books, transportation, etc., covered within our Cost of Attendance.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Family income below $90,000*
  • Complete an application for financial aid by March 2 each year
  • Have demonstrated financial need** as determined for need-based financial aid
  • Must be working on a first college bachelor’s degree
  • Students who qualify for this plan will have a maximum of eight terms (four years) of eligibility
  • Students must maintain SUA’s satisfactory academic progress requirements

* Income includes wages, interest, dividends, capital gains, untaxed income, etc.

** Families with income below $90,000 and significant assets may receive a prorated amount of tuition up to their demonstrated financial need as determined by their application for financial aid.

Families With Income Over $90,000

SUA also offers generous need-based aid to students whose household income is greater than $90,000 as well as multiple scholarship opportunities that are not based on family income. For example, merit scholarships are offered to all students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievements upon entrance to the university.

For a full list of all financial aid opportunities available at SUA, please visit our Undergraduate Types of Aid page.

Additional Financial Aid Opportunities & Information