Ed Feasel

University Leadership

Soka University of America’s administration is dedicated to supporting the university’s mission to foster a steady stream of global citizens committed to living a contributive life. Our employees work diligently to provide an outstanding student-centered education known for its academic excellence.

The university divides its operations into three main areas, Academic Affairs, Finance & Administration, and Student Affairs. These three areas operate under the direction of the president, Edward M. Feasel.

SUA Leadership Council

Chief Academic Officer
Professor of Economics
Ed Feasel
Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Investment Officer
arch asawa
Executive Vice President of University Community
Chief Human Resources Officer
Title IX and Section 504 Coordinator for Faculty, Staff and Others
katherine king
Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Professor of East Asian History & International Studies
michael weiner
Vice President for Mission Integration
Kevin Moncrief
Vice President for Sponsored Research and External Academic Relations
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Bryan Penprase
Vice President for Institutional Research and Assessment
Dean of the Graduate School
Professor of Linguistics and Education
Tomoko Takahashi
Vice President
University Counsel
David Welch
Dean of Faculty
Professor of Environmental Biogeochemistry
Headshot of M. Robert Hamersley
Dean of Students
Title IX and Section 504 Deputy Coordinator for Students
hyon moon
Associate Dean of Students
Director of Student Activities
Michelle Hobby-Mears
Dean of Enrollment Services
andrew woolsey
Executive Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications
Martin Beck

Leadership Roles

Board of Trustees

SUA’s Board of Trustees

Office of the President

Office of SUA’s President, Ed Feasel

Organization Chart

SUA’s leadership organization chart

Our Faculty and Staff