We recognize that college is a challenging time for many students. Soka’s commitment to student success involves helping students navigate and grow from these challenges.

For some of you, coming to Soka may be your first time living away from home. For others, you may be leaving one academic community and adjusting to a new “home” at Soka. As a student you may be asking yourself important questions about relationships, career, identity, and similar issues. We understand these dilemmas to be a normal part of development in adults. This is why Soka provides on-campus counseling free to students.

Our counselor offers assistance with:

  • establishing and maintaining relationships 
  • coping with anxiety and depression 
  • adjusting to changing roles as a young adult 
  • family of origin issues 
  • dealing with loss
  • meeting new academic demands
  • adjusting to life in the United States
  • educating campus community members about maintaining emotional & mental wellbeing
  • offering consultations for campus community members about distressed students & how to refer them to care

April Nelson Afoa is Soka’s primary counselor on campus. Students can request an appointment by contacting the counselor directly at Counseling@soka.edu or by calling (949) 480-4192. 

Additional Counseling Options:

In addition to on-campus counseling, Soka University partners with national organizations and a local, off-campus mental health provider that offer support to students.

Virtual Care Group (VCG) is a digital platform that provides urgent, on-demand counseling 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, as well as the ability for students to schedule on-going phone or video appointments with a trained counselor or life coach. More information, including how to register for access, can be found at https://thevirtualcaregroup.com/soka

For more information about off-campus counselors, students can contact Counseling@soka.edu.