Unlike a “dormitory” offering primarily sleep quarters, our residence halls are a dynamic environment offering living and learning opportunities for you to share intellectual and educational goals and grow through community engagement, interpersonal relationships, and social interaction within a diverse community. All halls were named by the student body.

Three Accommodation Styles

There are three main types of room accommodations in the residence halls. All first-year undergraduate students live in doubles in Sunset and Sunrise Halls. Second-, third-, and fourth-year students have the option, based on lottery, to live in a suite with a private bathroom or a single room with a private bathroom (fourth year only). All graduate students live in suite-style rooms and have a designated floor in Umoja Hall.

Photo of Residence Hall 380

First-Year Undergraduate Housing

Sunrise Hall 300 and Sunset 380 are designated first-year undergraduate halls.

Image of Residence Hall with sign

Continuing Undergraduate Housing

Explore the housing available to continuing undergraduate students.

Photo of Residence Hall Pathway

Graduate Housing

Discover the housing available to graduate students, located on one floor of Umoja Hall 370.

Gender-Inclusive Housing

Gender-inclusive housing provides Soka students the opportunity to select a rooming option with a roommate or suitemate regardless of their gender identity or biological sex. Gender-inclusive housing options were intended to meet the needs of students and create a more inclusive environment. Gender-inclusive housing is designed to offer a comfortable option for students who identify as transgender, genderqueer, gender questioning, or otherwise outside the gender binary. First-year students who opt for gender-inclusive housing share a double room and attached bathroom with a roommate of any gender or sex. Gender-inclusive housing is voluntary and offered as an option in all halls.