• Photo of Residence Hall 370

    Umoja 370: Graduate Student Floor

    RHC: David San Felipe | dsanfelipe@soka.edu

    Soka offers optional single graduate students suite-style housing accommodations in the residence hall community. Graduate student housing is located on the fourth floor of Umoja Hall 370. Umoja (ooh-MOE-jah) is an African word meaning unity, aptly named to characterize the spirit of the residential community.

Room Layout

Each resident is provided the following furniture: twin extra-long-sized bed, extra-long twin mattress (38” x 80”), desk, hutch/bookshelf, chair, wardrobe closet, Cisco IP phone, trash can, recycle bin, and emergency flashlight.

  • suite layout showing adjacent living-studying areas with shared bathroom

    Suite Rooms

    Students may live in a suite with a private bathroom which houses two students, each in a private bedroom with a shared entry space and bathroom. Suitemates may be selected upon request or are matched based on lifestyle compatibility.


A lounge exclusively for graduate students is located on the fourth floor.

A common living space including a large screen Roku television, sofas and chairs.

While all students residing on campus have a full meal plan, each hall features a pantry equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, first aid kit, and water purifier.

All halls have multiple washers and dryers, including ecologically-friendly, high-efficiency machines. Laundry is included in the cost of room and board, so there is no need to save up quarters or use debit cards. Laundry is essentially “free.”

The upper floors of the halls feature a common space equipped with Wi-Fi and comfortable chairs and couches. Living rooms are a gathering space, frequently used for study groups, programs, or simply relaxing.

  • 6 housing staff members

    Housing Support Staff

    The residence hall community has trained, full-time live-in professional staff members responsible for coordinating and overseeing hall activities including programming, advising on academic and personal concerns, supervising and coordinating student staff, and overseeing daily operations. All staff members are readily available to residents and a staff member is on call at all times.