The Soka Student Union (SSU) is the undergraduate student body of Soka University. Every undergraduate student at the university is a member of SSU.

SSU Executive Council

The SSU Executive Council (EC) consists of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and attorney general who are elected by the student body at the end of each academic year. It is the administrative body that coordinates and supports activities for the general welfare of the SSU and SSU standing departments and committees. Its major function also includes representing the entire student body and ensuring that their voices are heard and reflected in all levels of the university decision-making process.

Roles of the EC:

  • Provides the student body with activities and a forum to discuss school issues
  • Plays a lead role with clubs and organizations 
  • Administers grants and awards to students or student groups to assist with projects

EC Committees

EC oversees and works closely to support several student committees.

Student Sustainability Committee is a student run organization that promotes and develops projects and initiatives to bring about greater awareness, education, and opportunities for students to live more sustainably and consciously. The committee chairs are also part of the Campus Sustainability Committee, where they discuss and work together with other groups on campus to promote and work on university-wide sustainability initiatives. Learn more about the Campus Sustainability Committee.

Soka Relations Committee seeks to connect and build relationships with Soka schools around the world (Japan, Brazil, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong). They organize exchanges and other opportunities for students from SUA to connect with students from other Soka institutions.

History Committee’s goal is to capture and record Soka’s history from the student perspective. They gather first hand experiences and interviews on what it’s like to be a student and create videos and other projects to archive the student experience.

Class Senate

President: Kentaro Shintaku

Secretary: Vianne Militar

Treasurer: Victoria Walker

President: Farida Elhedk

Secretary: Serena Lao

Treasurer: Takami Saeki

Fall 2019

President: Edward Gu

Secretary: Sirijung Eimviriyapong

Treasurer: Harumi Kobayashi

President: Manita Rana Magar

Secretary: Abigail Felix

Treasurer: Yoshimi Watanabe

Club Senate

Club Senate are elected student leaders who oversee, support and administer the operations of student clubs on campus. They support clubs through facilitating communication, collaboration and grant distribution so students are able to explore and share their unique interests with the Soka community.

Lucero Morales

Lucero Morales

Club Senate President

“My vision for Club Senate is to provide all the possible support for students to explore the passions they have outside of academics and provide resources for new and existing clubs to grow.”

Jordyn Saito

Jordyn Saito

Club Senate Treasurer

“I imagine [for Club Senate] the accessibility, organization, and friendliness which I’ve been generously given in the past.” 

Sachiko Hagiya

Sachiko Hagiya

Club Senate Secretary

“Club Senate fosters the unity between the students and clubs, strengthens their bonds with one another, and promotes a welcoming, existing environment for everyone.”