Sustainability Research

View sustainability-related research conducted by our campus community.

Faculty Research

Research Interests: Environmental Philosophy, Ethics for the Environment, Technology Ethics/Disaster Prevention and Resilience, Corporate Ethics/Good Governance, Global Ethics/Cross Cultural Issues in Management, Management Training/Governments and NGOs.

Research Interests: Environmental Policy, Protected Natural Areas Management, Wildfire Management, Oil Pollution Prevention.

Research Interests: Human-Wildfire Interactions in the Boreal Forest of Alaska, Climate Change Impacts on the Boreal Forest of Alaska, GIS and Modeling.

Research Interests: Sustainable Housing and Urban Development in Argentina, Recycling and Waste Management, Weatherization.

Research Interests: Music and Ecology, Food Production/Overpopulation and Ensuing Problems, “Deep Ecology.”

Research InterestsTransformations of Nutrients and Pollution in Aquatic Environments, Wetlands.

Research Interests: Construction of a Shared History among East Asian Countries for Peaceful and Sustainable Relations in the Region, Ideas of Alternative Development, the Issue of Social Justice in Social Movements in East Asia.

Research Interests: Urban Anthropology, Oceania Anthropology, the Impact of Social and Cultural Change on Well-Being, the Sustainability of Family Life in Local/Global Contexts, Urban Poverty and Inequality, Cross-Cultural Study of Childhood, Adolescence, and Youth.

Research Interests: Behavioral Ecology of Fishes, Impacts of Human Activities on the Environment, Population Genetics of Amazonian Fishes, Marine Biology, Solar Energy, Sustainable Development of the Peruvian Amazon.

Research Interests: Environmental Issues in Developing Countries, Energy Policies, Water Issues, Urban Economic Issues such as Sprawl and Transportation.

Research Interests: Sustainable Urbanism and Urban Design, Environmentally Sensitive and Socially Equitable Urban Planning, Land-Use and Development Controversies, Especially Over the Impacts of Large-Scale Infrastructure Projects, Gender Dimensions of Personal Mobility and Transportation, Planning Theory.

Research Interests: History of Health and Disease in Brazil, Social and Economic Networks in Latin America, the United Fruit Company, Slavery in the Americas.


In past years, Soka students have interned at the following places:

  • Laguna Canyon Foundation, CA
  • Beyond Beijing Committee, Nepal
  • Cascadia Consulting Group, WA
  • Cerro Seco, Ecuador
  • Journey Eco-Literacy via Earthroots Field School, CA
  • Uganda Village Project, Uganda
  • Lost Valley Education Center, OR
  • The Energy and Resources Institute, India
  • Newport Bay Conservancy, CA
  • Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment, Vietnam
  • City of Aliso Viejo Planning Department/Green City Initiative, CA
  • Japan Center for a Sustainable Environment and Society (JACSES), Japan