Logo, Colors, Mascot, and Songs

The official emblems of Soka University of America.

  • SUA logo


    SUA’s logo depicts the nib of a pen flanked by the wings of a legendary Chinese bird that can fly great distances and that comes to earth only where there is something precious. The pen represents wisdom and the wings symbolize the ability to put knowledge and wisdom into the service of humanity.

  • soka colors, blue, white, and yellow


    The official colors of SUA are royal blue, white, and gold.

  • Lion mascot


    SUA’s official mascot is the lion, a symbol of courage and strength.

    The Chinese characters for Lion can individually be read as “sound alike” words mentor and student—an appropriate symbol for a university that prides itself on nurturing each student’s potential.

Student Song: “On the Path of Peace”

The Soka student song, “On the Path of Peace,” was written and composed by the SUA song committee in 2008.

Student choir sings On the Path of Peace
“On the Path of Peace”—Student Song (sung by SUA choir)
Students at International Festival
Making of “On the Path of Peace”

“The Light of Hope”

“The Light of Hope,” by Daisaku Ikeda and Wayne Green, was presented to SUA by the university founder in 2011 to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Three students talking
“The Light of Hope”


The dreams that came before us are engraved in travertine. 
Let us cherish what is given and embark on this endeavor.
Thousand-colored banners wave amid unceasing winds. 
As champions of one world, we bear this staff together.
Love shines within those that seek common ground.

Our footsteps in the present will be paths of peace one day. 
Meeting the eyes of others, humanity embraced. 
Our hearts create momentum, our hands provide the way.

Our pen expounds a future, drawing wisdom from within. 
Forging scholars firm in action, guarding arts of liberty. 
The lion’s noble call summons justice to its feet. 
The roar of our conviction echoes through eternity.
Hope swells within hearts that act despite fear.

Our footsteps in the present will be paths of peace one day. 
Meeting the eyes of others, humanity embraced. 
Our hears create momentum, our hands provide the way.

In the morning mist courageously I stand
Determined to fulfill the dance of my mission.
All at once the sun appears above the hill
And our campus is bathed in gold.
Arise from here
Keep shining on
Beyond a thousand years!
On every path, in every stone
Resides the founding spirit
This spirit is my own:
For the sake of the people
I will study and learn
Fearlessly and without cease.
And for the world,
Create a new future of
Happiness for humankind.
It is my earnest vow
To climb the steep hill of learning
In pursuit of my youthful dreams!

A determined youth emerges from the earth.
The beating pulse of life
Grows stronger as we gather,
Global citizens uniting here as friends.
And triumphant, the day begins.
Here and now it starts
As youthful passion
Burning in our hearts.
No education surpasses that
Of trials and hardships,
Harsh lessons learned of life.
We’ll go into society
And do the best we can
To shatter the dark of night!
To live a life
Engaged in new construction,
Our hearts forever bound as one.
Today we live our vow
Creating bridges of dialogue
So justice may be done!

Underneath a shining canopy of stars
We ponder the words of thinkers through the ages:
“My young friends,
I entrust my dreams to you.
I am counting on you”
Throughout the world
To be the change that finally unfurls
The gleaming banner of humanity,
The flag of freedom, for all the world to see.
Be philosophers who bring about
A renaissance of life!
Open the way for peace!
This wounded world
Awaits us all
If our courageous hearts will heed the call.
I offer and dedicate to you
The pride of an indomitable life
Committed to the achievement
Of one’s youthful vow.
I offer and dedicate to you
That rises above all hardships
And makes every dream come true!