Facilities and Landscape Sustainability

The Grounds Management team at Soka University of America has progressively made strides to create a sustainable and environmentally-friendly campus.

Sustainable Landscaping

Over the years, Grounds Management has been innovative in taking a more holistic approach to landscape practices by reducing water use throughout campus with new, drought tolerant trees and installing fully functioning water saving SMART irrigation controllers. The administration and student involvement in this integration of sustainability have been key to its success. From the first planning stages through to the implementation of these projects, they have been mindful to keep the future students, staff, and guests in mind. Through the campus’ beautiful demonstration of California native plant landscaping and other ecological practices, Grounds Management at Soka University aims to inspire local communities to realize changes they can make at home and in their neighborhoods.

Our Sustainable Practices

  • Recycle 100 percent of green waste trimmings from trees and plants
  • Re-use all chipped wood debris from tree trimmings into mulch and use in natural areas
  • Use 100 percent organic mulch throughout campus in all planters
  • Use of Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM)
  • Eliminate all invasive plant species
  • Daily monitoring of irrigation systems
  • Installation of SMART irrigation controllers: only waters when plant needs water based off daily evapotranspiration readings
  • Conversion of high-water use plant material to drought tolerant plant material, such as Catalina Cherry and California Ironwoods
  • Proper horticultural pruning techniques to help maximize the stability and longevity of plants
  • Assist with ecological practices instruction program at Student Instructional Garden
  • Installation of solar panels and green roof atop Soka Performing Arts Center to offset the energy usage
  • Open forum dialogues with administration and students quarterly about sustainability practices and areas for growth
  • Support local nurseries to reduce carbon footprint
  • Transparent communication of all projects from start to finish with administration and students

Sustainability Goals

Organic Fertilizer

Use and develop a complete organic fertilizer plan for campus.

Solar Panels

Install additional solar panels to charge carts utilized by field crews.


Educate workforce with quarterly sustainable meetings and new best management practices.