Michael D. Golden

Michael D. Golden, DMA

Academic Administration - Undergraduate Program
Faculty - Full-Time
Michael Golden
Professor of Music Composition and Theory

Michael Golden studied music composition in the Pacific Northwest with, among others, William Bergsma, Tomas Svoboda, Diane Thome, and William O. Smith, receiving the DMA from the University of Washington in 1992.

Dr. Golden has composed for a wide range of media. He has been commissioned to write solo and chamber ensemble works, large ensemble works, and pieces for jazz ensembles of all sizes, and has also composed for computer-generated tape and live electronics, as well as multimedia, website, film, video and theatre productions.

Dr. Golden’s music has been performed throughout much of the United States (25 states) as well as internationally (Italy, France, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Russia, and Japan). He has also performed as a jazz pianist throughout much of the United States and abroad.

  • DMA, University of Washington (1992)
  • MM, University of Oregon
  • BM, University of Oregon
  • Introduction to Music Composition
  • Composing Tonal Music
  • Music Composition II: the Next Step
  • Music Composition with the Computer
  • Introduction to World Music
  • Music and Ecology: Studies in Interconnection
  • Music, Mind, and Brain
  • Core: Enduring Questions of Humanity
  • Learning Cluster: Ishmael and the Fundamental Environmental Problem
  • Creativity Forum
  • Jazz Piano and Jazz Ensemble
  • Music Composition and Theory (including jazz, improvisation, computer applications)
  • World Music
  • Creativity
  • Music and Ecology
  • Music and Peacebuilding
  • Music Psychology (Cognition, Development and Evolution)
  • Golden, M. D. “Musicking as Emergent Ecological Behavior: Linking Cognition, Culture and Neuroscience.” In Parncutt, R., & Sattmann, S. (Eds.) (2018). Proceedings of ICMPC15/ESCOM10. Graz, Austria: Centre for Systematic Musicology, University of Graz: 168-171.
  • Golden, Michael. “Musicking as education for social and ecological peace: a new synthesis.” 2016. Journal of Peace Education, Vol. 13. No. 3, pp. 266-282.
  • Golden, M. D. “Music Emergent: Autopoiesis and Connected Worlds.” University of California eScholarship, UC Irvine: A Body of Knowledge Conference. (2018). “Music Emergent: Autopoiesis and Connected Worlds” presented December 2016, Body of Knowledge: Embodied Cognition and the Arts.
  • “Musicking as Education for Social and Ecological Peace: a New Synthesis” (2016) Journal of Peace Education, Vol 13/3
  • “On Music, Interconnection and Consciousness” (2011). In Music and Solidarity: Questions of Universality, Consciousness, and Connection.
  • Bidder to Better, New Albany Records, 2004
  • Suite Ceremonial, Commission: South Coast Symphony Orchestra, 2001
  • It's a Long, Long River, Commission: Huntington Symphony Orchestra, 1997
  • FramesetuDe, Les Productions D'Oz, 2000; recording LaFlame, Records, 1997
  • The Sea Change, and Other Stories, New Ariel Records, 1997
  • 1998-present, Professor, Soka University of America
  • 2015-present, Research Fellow, Min-On Music Research Institute
  • 1995-1998, Assoc. Prof. of Music, Marshall University
  • 1993-1995, Visiting Asst Prof. of Music, Colby College
  • Meet the Composer/Commission Music USA Award 1997
  • First Prize, Guitar Foundation of America Intl. Composition Competition 1996