Bryan E. Penprase

Bryan E. Penprase, PhD

Academic Administration - Undergraduate Program
Faculty - Full-Time
Bryan Penprase
Vice President for Sponsored Research and External Academic Relations
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
  • PhD, Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Chicago
  • MS, Applied Physics, Stanford University
  • BS, Physics, Stanford University
  • Astronomy 120 —“Earth’s Cosmic Context”
  • Learning Cluster class: Archeoastronomy and World Cosmology
  • Liberal Arts and Higher Education in Asia
  • Archeoastronomy and Cultural Astronomy
  • Quasar Absorption Line Spectroscopy
  • Type la Supernovae

Books and Book Chapters:

  • Penprase, B.E., "STEM Education for the 21st Century," published by Springer in 2020.
  • Penprase, B.E., “Undergraduate Education at NUS and the founding of Yale-NUS College,” two chapters in the forthcoming sequel to “The New Flagship University,” edited by John Douglass, UC Berkeley CSHE.
  • Penprase, B.E., “The Zwicky Transient Facility,” article in AccessScience McGraw-Hill Education Encyclopedia of Science & Technology.
  • Penprase, B.E., “New liberal arts and science institutions in India and Singapore – the role of STEM education,” contributed article, The Liberal Arts and Science Education Dialogue across Continents: Experiences and Perspectives from the USA, Europe, and Asia, Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Penprase, B.E., “Calendars and Timekeeping Around the World” entry in the Encyclopaedia of the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine in Non-Western Cultures, H. Selin, editor, Springer Verlag, NY.
  • Penprase, B.E., “The Power of Stars – How Celestial Observations Have Shaped Civilization,” published by Springer Verlag. First edition released October 2010; second edition released May 2017.
  • Garsten, B., Patke, R., Bailyn, C., Jacobs, J., Chuan, K., and Penprase, B., “Yale-NUS College - A New Community of Learning” April 2013.

Publications in Refereed Journals
(undergraduate student authors indicated with an asterisk):

  • Swiggum, J.K., McLaughlin, M., Lorimer, D., Kaplan, D.L., Lynch, R., Gentile, P., Rosen, R., Heatherly, S.A., Ray, P.S., Bogdanov, S., Barlow, B.N., Hegedus, R.J., Vasquez Soto, A., Clancy, P., Kondratiev, V.I., Stovall, K., Istrate, A., and Penprase, B., 2017, “A Multi Frequency Study of PSR J1400-1431,” Astrophysical Journal, submitted.
  • Penprase, B.E., Sargent, W., Martinez, I.T.*, and Beeler, D.*, 2017, “A Possible Redshift Dependence of the D/H Ratio Observed in QSO/DLA Absorption Line Systems,” Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, in preparation.
  • Marsh, F.M.*, Simon, A.A., Penprase, B.E., Mettig, H., and Hahn, G. 2016, “The Relationship of Feature Drift Rate to Zonal Wind Velocity in the Northern Equatorial Belt of Jupiter I: Synoptic Scale Features,” submitted to Icarus.
  • Phillips, M.M., Simon, Joshua D., Madore, Barry F.; Penprase, B. E., (several co-authors omitted for space), 2013, “On the Source of the Dust Extinction in Type Ia Supernovae and the Discovery of Anomalously Strong Na I Absorption,” Astrophysical Journal, 779, 38.
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