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September 01, 2019
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Michael Golden, Professor of Music Composition & Theory

Michael Golden presented a paper entitled “Musicking as Ecological Behavior: An Integrated ‘4E’ View” at the second Body of Knowledge: Embodied Cognition and the Arts conference, held in Melbourne, Australia, in late June. The conference brought together an international group of philosophers, cognitive scientists, anthropologists, and artists (dancers, musicians, architects, actors, sculptors, videographers, AI specialists, and more), exploring interconnections among recent developments in 4E cognition and arts practices.

In August, he participated in an international “Zoomference” discussing implications for the role of musicking in peacebuilding in Fuyuki Kurasawa’s book, The Work of Global Justice: Human Rights as Practices, specifically in the five modes of practice Kurasawa identifies as components of global justice work.

Robert Elliott Allinson, Professor of Philosophy

Robert Elliott Allinson has been appointed to the executive editorial board of Dialogue and Universalism. It is a peer-reviewed philosophy journal which is published at the Institute of Philosophy of the Polish Academy of Sciences with the support of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Polish branch of the European Society of  Culture SEC (Société Européenne de Culture). The journal Dialogue and Universalism has existed for 65 years. Dialogue and Universalism is referenced or indexed in such international databases as the Philosopher’s Index, Philosophy Documentation Center, EBSCO Discover, Erratic Impact’s Philosophy Research Base, Expanded Academic ASAP, Philosophy Research Index, Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL), Google Scholar, PhilPapers, ProQuest Summon, WorldCat Local, and SCOPUS. Significant philosophers including Isaiah Berlin, Jürgen Habermas, Richard Rorty, and Donald Davidson have published in this journal.

Tomoko Takahashi, Vice President for Institutional Research & Assessment, Dean of the Graduate School, and Professor of Linguistics & Education

Tomoko Takahashi and her former capstone mentee Saori Motobayashi (undergraduate class of 2017) presented a poster entitled “Changes in Japanese ESL Speakers’ Identities and in Their Attitudes Toward Speaking English at the Japan Second Language Association’s 19th Annual Conference, Tokyo, Japan, June 1–2, 2019. 

Shane Barter, Associate Professor of Comparative Politics

Shane Barter (International Studies) attended the Canadian Political Science Association conference in June, co-organizing several panels and presenting his work, “Armed Conflicts in Southeast Asia: Intersections of Class and Ethnicity.” Throughout the summer, Dr. Barter served as a visiting scholar at the Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives at the University of Victoria, where he conducted research and collaborated with various colleagues. In July, Dr. Barter joined the Canadian government’s electoral observation team in Ukraine, working in eastern Ukraine for the legislative elections.

Ted Lowe, Professor of Anthropology

In June 2019, Ted Lowe was invited by the anthropology department of the Free University of Berlin to present a new project titled “Mobile Affects and Emotional Performance in Resilient Micronesian Lifeworlds.” This presentation was part of a public lecture series sponsored by the Free University called Hope, Disquiet, Loss. Affective Encounters in More-Than-Human Worlds. Professor Lowe also completed in June a round of new field work in German allotment gardens titled, “Cultivating Communities in the Allotment Gardens in Germany and the US: A Pilot Study.” He will continue this work in the coming academic year.

Junyi Liu, Assistant Professor of Economics

My collaborated work titled “Bureaucratic integration and synchronization of regional economic growth: Evidence from China” (joint with Qing He, et al.) was accepted by peer-review journal, China Economic Review in June 2019, for which I am grateful to the PBRC Faculty Fellowship. 

My other collaborative paper titled “Trade openness and the obesity epidemic: a cross-national study of 175 countries during 1975–2016” (Joint with Ruopeng An, et al.) was also accepted by another peer-review journal, Annals of Epidemiology, in July 2019. 

Both of the above papers are in press and their abstracts are available online.

Arie Galles, Professor Emeritus of Painting/Drawing, and Artist in Residence

Arie Galles, Professor Emeritus of Painting/Drawing and Artist in Residence, participated in the invitational “International Workshop of Painters Symposium of Local Cultures,” July 14–28, in Stary Sacz, Poland. Other participating artists were from, France, Japan, Latvia, Poland, and Spain. Galles completed two paintings, “Pola 1” and “Pola 2” which are included in the current group exhibition in Stary Sacz. 

Ryan Ashley Caldwell, Associate Professor of Sociology

Ryan Ashley Caldwell participated at DragCon as a panelist for their gender and activism panel and discussed what intersectional activism looks like with sisters from several different countries and contexts associated with the LGBTQ nonprofit the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Caldwell uses the name Sister Electra-Complex.

Caldwell also presented their paper, “The Keys for Locks: Community Dragtivism with the Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” at a cosponsored panel (section on Body and Embodiment and Sociology of Sexualities) in Manhattan at the annual American Sociological Association conference. The theme this year was social activism and inequality.

Tetsushi Ogata, Visiting Assistant Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies

Tetsushi Ogata was invited by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum to join its Expert Meeting on International Criminal Justice Leadership Project on June 13–14 in Washington, DC. He provided a stock-taking interview report which surveyed civil society organization leaders to explore the intersections between atrocity prevention and criminal justice systems. He wrote a paper with Shunji Fueki (undergraduate class of 2021), “Self-perpetuating Nationalism: A Case of New Japanese Conservatives,” and Shunji presented it at the CEEISA-International Studies Association Joint Conference in Belgrade, Serbia, on June 17. Tetsushi also presented two papers, one on Japan’s denialism of the comfort women issue and the other on theorizing the systems of threats during the communist mass killings in the Soviet, Chinese, and Cambodian cases, at the International Association of Genocide Scholars Conference held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on July 15–19.

Aneil Rallin, Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Composition

Aneil Rallin has an article, “Can I Get a Witness?: Writing with June Jordan,” in the June 2019 issue of College Composition and Communication and a book Dreads and Open Mouths: Living/Teaching/Writing Queerly out with Litwin Books.