International Development and Poverty-Insecurity Nexus - Natalia Mirovitskaya

April 21, 2008
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Natalia Mirovitskaya speaker poster

The Pacific Basin Research Center Distinguished Speakers Series Presents

Natalia Mirovitskaya

“International Development and Poverty-Insecurity Nexus”

Monday, 21 April 2008
Founder’s Hall 3rd Floor


Natalia Mirovitskaya received her Ph.D. from the Russian Academy of Sciences in Economics in 1981 and currently is a Senior Lecturing Fellow and Research Scholar of Public Policy, Visiting Research Scholar of Public Policy, and Visiting Professor of Environmental Policy at Duke University. She has served as a consultant for the World Bank (2006) and the Expert Advisory Group on Environment and Development for the UN Commission on the Status of Women (1994-1997). Some of her works include Incorporating Peacebuilding into Class Curricula (2007), English-Russian Glossary of Keywords in Policy Analysis (2004), Trump Card in Kyoto Pact: Russia’s Interest and Positions on the Global Climate Change Regime (2004), Russia’s Political and Economic Priorities in the Caspian Region (2003), International Cooperation in the Caspian Sea Region (2002), and Women and Environmentalism (2001).