Learning Clusters Examine Contemporary and Enduring Issues

March 05, 2024
A woman wearing a VR headset is assisted by another woman.

The annual Learning Cluster empowers SUA faculty and small groups of 12 or fewer students to collaboratively design a month-long course centered on a specific problem or question, fostering shared exploration of solutions.

Regardless of their declared concentration, students can enroll in any Learning Cluster course. This results in groups of students with diverse academic interests—e.g., Latin American history, macroeconomics, and environmental justice—working together to explore the same issue through multiple lenses while remaining rooted in SUA’s mission of cultivating global citizens committed to leading contributive lives.

On January 31, students from 27 Learning Cluster courses showcased their research and experiences at the annual Learning Cluster Fair, generously sponsored by Academic Affairs. Explore highlights from their work and the fair below.

Learning Cluster Fair 2024 Part One: Soka Students Explore Issues Both Timely and Timeless
Learning Cluster Fair 2024 Part Two: Soka Students Explore Issues Both Timely and Timeless

2024 Learning Clusters

• Homelessness
• The Holocaust Then and Now
• Authoritarian Politics
• The Politics of Disneyland
• Emergency Management
• Critical Drag
• Data Analysis & Visualization
• Latin Identity in NYC
• SoCal Through Photos
• Marine Life Conservation
• Happiness
• Social Entrepreneurship
• Food Fermentation
• Education for Happiness

• Nuclear Disarmament
• The “Dash” American Experience
• Genetic Engineering
• Secret Communication
• Japanese Language and Society
• Animal Behavior
• Global Citizenship Education
• Global Fairy Tales
• Modern Drug Discovery
• Primitive Pottery Techniques
• Film Theory and Criticism
• Acjachemen & Global Indigeneity
• Venom Biochemistry

Scenes from the 2024 Learning Cluster Fair

A student wearing a red beanie and blue backpack looks at a presentation.
3 students bond during the Learning Cluster Fair
A student reaches into a jar with chopsticks while another student holds the jar.
5 students pose with their Learning Cluster presentation
Two students smile as they browse the Learning Cluster Fair