President Ed Feasel: A Message About the Chauvin Trial Verdict

April 20, 2021
Founders Hall at dusk

Dear Soka Community,

The Chauvin trial has just ended with former Police Officer Derek Chauvin having been found guilty of the murder of George Floyd. Just as the prosecution stated at the beginning of the trial, the world witnessed “a bouquet of humanity” through the testimony of bystanders who tried in multiple ways to save the life of George Floyd.

One after another, adults, youth and even children shared their disappointment, disgust and horror at witnessing the treatment of George Floyd on the day he died. On the other hand, in Derek Chauvin we saw the inhumanity of a person who, due to the lack of respect for the dignity and sanctity of George Floyd’s life, took actions that ended Floyd’s life. The trial again demonstrates the clear need for police and institutional reform, especially for Black lives in America and throughout the world, given the extreme record of abuses they have experienced. I hope in our individual ways, we will lend our voices and actions in our own communities to call for such reform.

While there is much work to be done to assure such tragic loss of life will not happen again in our communities, we must strive to foster values within our own campus community that can be a model for others. We must continue to promote and further develop an education that upholds and inculcates in our community a respect and value for the sanctity of life, under any circumstances.

Please stay healthy and safe.

Ed Feasel

Note: This message was delivered to the Soka community via email on Tuesday, April 20, 2021.