SUA Bookstore

Located on the third floor of the Student Center (above the Dining Hall), the bookstore is the one-stop place for getting course materials, school gear, and supplies. We also offer a variety of SUA-branded goods and merchandise that make great gifts for family members and friends.

The bookstore is also “sweat-free” and is opposed to any actions by licensees/vendors that would constitute unfair labor practices and/or labor abuse. Accordingly, we will use our best efforts to ensure that licensees/vendors adhere to proper labor practices, provide safe working conditions, and refrain from hiring persons under conditions that would compromise the integrity and dignity of the SUA Bookstore or the reputation of SUA. A request for certification is issued to all vendors from which the Bookstore purchases SUA logo merchandise. SUA joined the Worker Right’s Consortium (WRC) in 2006, and it continues to be affiliated with WRC.

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