Asia Pacific Studies in an Age of Global Modernity - Arif Dirlik

October 17, 2005
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Arif Dirlik speaker poster

The PBRC Distinguished Speakers Series Presents

Arif Dirlik Ph.D.

“Asia Pacific Studies in an Age of Global Modernity”

October 17, 2005
Pauling 216 5-6 pm


A distinguished Asianist and scholar of globalization addresses the need, under conditions of global modernity, for alternative approaches to the study and teaching of the Asia Pacific. Professor Dirlik’s lecture will examine the need for such reconceptualization in the light of contradictory demands from global, regional, and place-based actors and with a view to counteracting legacies of colonialism in the region.

Arif Dirlik is Knight Professor of Social Science and Professor of History and Anthropology Modern China, Transnational Asian Studies, Pacific Formations, Asian-Americans, Postcolonial Studies, Globalization at the University of Oregon. Dr. Dirlik is author of Postmodernity’s Histories: The Past as Legacy and Project (2000); Hougeming fenwei (The Postrevolutionary Aura) (in Chinese) (1999) The Postcolonial Aura: Third World Criticism in the Age of Global Capitalism (1997) After the Revolution: Waking to Global Capitalism (1994) (also published in Korean, 1999) Schools Into Fields and Factories: Anarchists, the Guomindang, and the Labor University in Shanghai, 1927-1932 (1991); (with Ming K. Chan); Anarchism in the Chinese Revolution (1991); The Origins of Chinese Communism (1989); Revolution and History: Origins of Marxist Historiography in China, 1919-1937 (1978).