History Across Ocean Worlds

October 29, 2015
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History Across Oceans poster

Thursday, October 29, 2015
Gandhi 209 at 4:45pm

A Panel Discussion with

  • Dr. Kris Alexanderson, Assistant Professor of History, University of the Pacific
  • Dr. Marc Matera, Assistant Professor of History, UC Santa Cruz
  • Dr. David Igler, Professor of History, UC Irvine

SUA Student Discussants:

  • Amanda Boralessa,
  • Matteo Barbiero
  • Angelica ‘Chase’ Habulan

Continental land masses on maps can be deceptive, suggesting discrete units of human interactions. In reality, oceans tend to connect people and cultures, and have always done so. This panel explores how ideas, people, and goods have traveled across the world’s oceans, illuminating historical maritime links across Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Ocean worlds.