Touring a Campus Has Its Benefits

July 07, 2022
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a student providing a campus tour

As secondary-school students diligently complete rigorous studies, expand their skill sets and define both their personal & professional passions, the prospect of university life can become very intriguing. With the opportunity to build upon their strong foundation, the next chapter of their academic career slowly begins to take shape.

The traditional approach is to pour over catalogs, emails, and websites to engage oneself in the available content of course listings, photo libraries, and media posts. Moreover, it is also common to compare campus elements and extracurriculars, including sports, networking opportunities, and location features. Essential questions naturally present themselves, considering fit, safety, personal needs, and the ability to perpetuate a sense of global citizenship. While these aspects combine to form a well-rounded base for diligent research, reading and reviewing material can grow repetitive, and the urge to immerse oneself in campus life becomes increasingly palpable.

At Soka, we highly encourage any prospective student to engage in campus tours to address those tough questions and dive headlong into the energy of higher education with a sense of authentic purpose. Our intimate setting both appreciates and supports the dynamic preferences of individual students and strives tirelessly to provide the bounty of information one might need to reach well-thought-out conclusions that best serve their unique desires.

Private tours led by student Peace Ambassadors offer a sincere glimpse into the university experience while mapping the various tracks one could take while enrolled on our idyllic Southern California campus. You can sense the inimitable climate of our coastal community culture firsthand and admire the modern architecture that houses our dialogue-focused classrooms. Scout out a few potential shady study locations while strolling past our chef-led bistro, garnering a sense of how a curated midday dish would energize you and your classmates through challenging afternoon sessions. Ask tough questions about scholarships, financial aid options, and the exclusive campus life dynamics that could enhance university life. Bask in a light breeze and receive meaningful responses from intelligent minds that have encountered a myriad of ordeals along the path to enlightenment, ensuring your concerns are heard and addressed with a sense of genuine poise and familiarity.

Are you interested in stopping by for a tour? We are here to provide the wealth of information you need to reach the best possible decision on your college search. Feel free to follow the link below to decide which session fits your schedule best. Should you have any initial concerns or require specific accommodations, our Admission Counselors are here to serve you with concierge-style care. We relish the opportunity to assist you with your search and hope to welcome you on campus soon.

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—Authored by the Office of Admission