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painting of a starry night and portrait of Nina Boutin

Not Cancelled 2020: Celebrating Creativity in the Midst of Chaos

Nov 02, 2020

Early this year, as event after event was being called off because of the pandemic, Nina Boutin ‘17 decided she wanted to prove that some things cannot be cancelled. Boutin, a freelance artist, got in

O. Bradley Bassler lecturing on Hitchcock's Vertigo

What Makes a Movie? A Vertiginous Trip through Hitchcock and Hollywood

Mar 11, 2020

Oleg Gelikman, professor and director of the Humanities concentration, introduced visiting professor O. Bradley Bassler’s lecture on Hitchcock’s Vertigo with intrigue, referring to the classic as

Professor Jonathan Arac holding Toni Morrison's Beloved

Toni Morrison's Beloved and the Language of American Fiction

Mar 02, 2020

The internationally reputed American literary scholar Jonathan Arac gave Soka students and professors an insightful look into the tragic world of Toni Morrison’s classic novel Beloved. Arac explored