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Students with young boy at a nature school

“Moved by Nature”: Outdoor Education and the Co-Existence of Nature and Humanity

Dec 10, 2020

On a cold January day, a dozen Soka students waded into the frigid Øresund Strait in Denmark to fish for shrimp and collect data. They’d spent the morning in the Øresund Aquarium learning about

Image of students working in the SIG.

Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development

Aug 10, 2019

In spring 2019, SUA’s Environmental Studies concentration became an organizational shareholder in JAFSCD.


A Primer on Latino Urbanism, Community Engagement & Creative Placemaking: A Lunch Talk With Place It! Founder James Rojas

Apr 01, 2019

Urban planner, community activist, and artist James Rojas will converse with SUA students on April 1, 2019.

European Urban Renewal Policy: Facing Contradictory Spatial Developments by Arvid Krüger, Lecturer/ Researcher, Architecture & Urbanism Bauhaus Univ. Weimar, Germany

Feb 28, 2017

European Urbanism is often held up as a superior example to the sprawling, suburban-oriented way of life in the United States. Urban planners point to more compact and less car-dependent cities that

Saving the Bolsa Chica Wetlands: An Inspiring Documentary About Passion, Patience And Perseverance

Apr 19, 2016

Amigos de Bolsa Chica, a nonprofit environmental organization based in Huntington Beach CA, turns 40 this year. The story of the Amigos de Bolsa Chica is as rich as the land itself. In 1976, a group

Lunch Talk on Environmental Documentary Filmmaking by Thea Mercouffer, Documentary Filmmaker & Director Of “Rock The Boat”

Oct 26, 2015

Born and raised in Romania, Thea and her family escaped the communist dictatorship in 1987 and immigrated to the US. In 1995, Thea received an MFA from the University of Washington. For the next few

Green Urbanism: How Do We Get There? Where Are We Going? by Walker Wells, Green Urbanism Program Director, Global Green USA

Apr 21, 2014

Mr. Wells is Director of the Green Urbanism Program for Global Green USA, a national non-profit organization headquartered in Santa Monica. He works with municipalities, affordable housing developers