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Soka students on location near lake in Brazil

Learning Cluster 2020: Students Investigate the Great Drought in Brazil

Feb 11, 2020

By Professor Ian Read A great chronicler of the Brazilian backland, João Guimarães Rosa, famously wrote “good quality water is like health or freedom: it only has value when it runs dry.” Over the

Ben Rhodes engages questions from Soka students

Obama Advisor Ben Rhodes on Policy and Patriotism

Nov 02, 2019

Ben Rhodes, former Obama speechwriter and senior foreign policy advisor, captivated an audience of more than 300 Soka students, faculty, staff, and community members with insider stories about major

Ambassador Chowdhury speaks at dialogue

Soka Hosts 6th Annual Dialogue on the Culture of Peace and Nonviolence

Oct 07, 2019

Coinciding with the 150th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi and the 20th anniversary of the United Nations’ culture of peace declaration, Soka University hosted its Sixth Annual Dialogue on the Culture of