Sarah England

Sarah England, PhD

Academic Administration - Undergraduate Program
Faculty - Full-Time
sarah england
Associate Professor of Anthropology

I have been at Soka since 2002. I teach courses in both the Social and Behavioral Sciences and International Studies concentrations. I also teach in the Core curriculum and enjoy organizing Learning Clusters on issues related to immigration and human rights in Latin America.

  • PhD in Socio-cultural Anthropology, University of California, Davis
  • MA in Socio-cultural Anthropology, University of California, Davis
  • BA with highest honors in Socio-cultural Anthropology, minor in Spanish, University of Texas at Austin
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • Gender and Sexuality in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Indigenous Peoples of Latin America
  • Inequality, Repression, and Resistance in Central America
  • Latin American/US Transnational Migration
  • Core: Enduring Questions
  • Gender and Sexuality in Latin America
  • Introduction to Latin American Studies
  • Learning Clusters on Human Rights in Guatemala
  • Violence and Oppression in Latin America
  • Learning Clusters on Latin American Immigration
  • Gender and Sexuality in Central America
  • Violence against Women in Central America
  • Media Representations of Violence against Women in Guatemala
  • Detention and Deportation Regime
  • Central American Immigration to the US and deportation
  • Writing Terror on the Bodies of Women: Media Coverage of Violence against Women and Femicide in Guatemala. Lexington Books. 2018.
  • “Latin America: A Living and Changing Artifact” by Sarah England and Ian Read, in The Pacific Basin: An Introduction, Shane Barter and Michael Weiner, eds. Routledge. 2017.
  • “Migration, Immigration, and Settlement within the Pacific Basin” by Sarah England and Michael Weiner, in The Pacific Basin: An Introduction, Shane Barter and Michael Weiner, eds. Routledge. 2017.
  • “Gender Violence: Honor, Shame, and the Violation of Bodies in Guatemala and India,” in The Pacific Basin: An Introduction, Shane Barter and Michael Weiner, eds. Routledge. 2017.
  • “Protecting a Woman’s Honor or Protecting her Sexual Freedom? Challenging the Guatemalan Patriarchal State through reforms to Sexual Violence Legislation.” Latin American Perspectives, vol. 41 (1). 2014.
  • “Hombres contra la Violencia de Género: Replanteando la Masculinidad en Guatemala.” Anuario de Estudios Centroamericanos, Volume 39, University of Costa Rica. 2013.
  • Afro-Hondurans in the Chocolate City: Garifuna, Katrina, and the Advantages of Racial Invisibility in the Nuevo New Orleans. In The Journal of Latino-Latin American Studies 3(4):31-55. 2010.
  • Mixed and Multiracial in Trinidad and Honduras: Rethinking Mixed-Race Identities in Latin America and the Caribbean. In Ethnic and Racial Studies 32(2). 2010.
  • Reading the Dougla Body: Mixed-Race, Post-Race, and other Narratives of what it Means to be Mixed in Trinidad. Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies 3(1). 2008.
  • Afro-Hondurans in New York City: Garifuna Tales of Transnational Movements in Racialized Space, University Press of Florida, 2006.
  • “Auténtica cultura africana en Honduras? Los afro-centroamericanos desafían el mestizaje indo-hispánico hondureño,” Memorias del mestizaje. Charles Hale, Dario Euraque, and Jeffrey Gould, eds. CIRMA: Antigua, Guatemala. 2004.
  • “Negotiating Race and Place in the Garifuna Diaspora: Identity Formation and Transnational Grassroots Politics in New York City and Honduras,” Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power 6(1). 1999.
  • 2014-present, Associate Dean of Students, Soka University of America 
  • 2002-present, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Soka University of America
  • Fullbright Research Fellowship (declined), 2007 
  • Faculty Fellows Award, UC System-wide Teaching Postdoctoral Fellowship, Division of Social Sciences, University of California, Davis, 2001-02 
  • American Sociological Association, International Migration Section, Honorable Mention for Best Graduate Student Paper, 2000  
  • University of California President’s Dissertation-Year Writing Fellowship, 1998-1999  
  • University of California, Davis, Humanities Institute Presidential Pre-doctoral Fellowship. 1991 National Science Foundation, Honorable Mention, 1991-1997 
  • Tulane University, Scholarship for Summer Kakchikel Course, 1990 
  • University of Texas at Austin, Special Honors in Anthropology, 1990
  • University of Texas at Austin, College Scholar, 1990 
  • University of Texas at Austin, Eva Stevenson Woods Endowed Presidential Scholarship, 1990