Brian Daisaku McCloskey

Named Scholarship

Three men sitting on motorcycles with Peace Lake in background

Brian overcame great challenges in his life in order to make the impossible possible.

Brian Daisaku McCloskey believed that his Buddhist practice was for the purpose of accomplishing the impossible, and he made many seemingly impossible changes during his lifetime of not-quite 29 years. He died young, but he was certainly victorious. Brian was wholeheartedly dedicated to activities for the peace and happiness of all living beings. We are inspired by the many deep relationships he created with all kinds of people, all over the world. His legacy is: “Dream the impossible! Do the impossible!”

Brian was always learning—how things worked and how they could be made better. He did not color inside the lines, but found other ways of expressing himself. Brian was a friend to people of all backgrounds, without prejudice.

Before his passing, Brian had been planning an adventure across China and was learning Chinese in preparation for the trip. It was to be an off-road motorcycle trip that would take him along a journey of discovery, determination, struggle, transformation, and beauty. The beauty of the journey was that it represented the treasure which exists within all of us. It is the struggle to overcome personal hardships, to discover the strength within, and to use that internal fortitude to transform one’s dreams into reality that makes the journey worthwhile.

Brian overcame great challenges in his life in order to make the impossible possible. To honor Brian and keep his memory alive, Guy and Doris McCloskey, along with their family and friends, have made a very generous scholarship available to admitted SUA students.

Before applying, please read more about Brian’s experience.

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