Jacqueline Mills '08

Jacqueline Mills '08, MD, MPP

Faculty - Full-Time
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Visiting Assistant Professor of General Education, Global Health, and Health Professions Advisor
  • MD, Boston University
  • PPC, Tufts University
  • MPP Concentration in Global Policy, Certificate in International Development Policy, Duke University
  • BA Liberal Arts, International Studies, Soka University of America
  •  Core 1: Clinical Human Anatomy
  • Out Women in Business conference. Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA). March 2022. New York, NY.
  • Conference Session: Do I Belong? Stories and Journeys of Being Enough. Panelist.
  • Mills JM. Morgan JR, Dhaliwal A, Perkins RA. Eligibility for cervical cancer screening exit: Comparison of a national and safety net cohort. Gynecology Oncology. Aug 2021; 162(2): 308-314.
  • Mills JM, Stier EA. Human papillomavirus infection of the cervix: relative risk association of 15 common angogenital subtypes. In C. Liu, N. Rindos, S.A. Shainker (Eds.). 50 Studies Every Obstetrician Gynecologist Should Know. New York, New York: Oxford University Press.
  • Mills, JM, Kuohung W. Impact of circadian rhythms on female reproduction and infertility treatment success. Current Opinion in Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Obesity. Dec 2019; 26(6) 317-321.
  • Oliveira TM, Robinson TD, Timmes TR, Mills JM, Starr N, Flemming M, Janeway M, Haddad D, Sidhwa F, Macht RD, Kauffman DF, Dechert TA. Socially Responsible Surgery: Building Recognition and Coalition. Frontiers in Surgery. Apr 5, 2017; 4:11.
  • Mills JM, Wong DS. Soka Science: Innovative curriculum for fostering humanistic scientists, clinicians, and contributive citizens. Paper Presentation at the Soka Education Conference, Feb. 2017.
  • Mills JM, Hirai M, Choudhury N, Bista P. Soka Education and Global Health in Action: A case study in the development of a multidimensional health program at the Modern Model Residential School in Kalikot, Nepal. Paper Presentation at the Soka Education Conference, Feb. 2017.
  • Mills JM. Soka Education and the Doctor-Patient Relationship: Engagement, Education, and Empowerment. Paper Presentation at the Soka Education Conference, Feb. 2016.
  • Mills JM. The Future of Global Physician-Citizens: How Soka Can and Should Improve Medical Education. Paper Presentation at the Soka Education Conference, Feb. 2015.
  • Mills JM, Rossi D, O’Gara E, Gillespie W, Piessens E, and Duncan, R. 2013. Daptomycin Non-susceptible Enterococcus faecium: Emerging Pathogen or Microscan™ Pseudo-Phenomenon? Poster presentation at Infectious Disease Week San Francisco 2013.
  • Mills JM. Applying Amartya Sen’s Capabilities Approach to Combatting the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Lesotho. Oral presentation at the Southern California Undergraduate Research Conference at California State University, Long Beach Nov. 2007.
  • Consultant, Boston Consulting Group, 2021-2022
  • Bay Area Offices Pride Co-Lead, 2021-2022
  • OB-GYN Resident Physician & Clinical Educator, Boston Medical Center, 2018-2021
  • Colégio Soka do Brasil Global Citizenship Award
  • Albert and Fannie August Scholarship
  • Sarkis J. Kechejian Family Scholarship
  • Soka University of America, Makiguchi Scholarship