Junyi Liu

Junyi Liu, PhD

Faculty - Full-Time
Junyi Liu
Associate Professor of Economics
Pacific Basin Coordinator

Dr. Junyi Liu was academically trained in economics, finance, and governance. He has published papers on foreign exchange, corruption and development, and public health.

  • PhD Economics, Indiana University Bloomington
  • MA Economics, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • BAs Economics and Governance, and MA Finance, Peking University
  • Upper Division Courses: Development Economics, Macroeconomics, International Economics
  • Lower Division Courses: Principle of Economics, Introduction to Pacific Basin, Learning Cluster (field trip): A tale of two cities through economic lenses I: Los Angeles and II: Beijing, Economic Development and Social Enterprises I: San Francisco and II: Hong Kong, Machine Learning in Economics and Public Health
  • International Economics (Exchange rate)
  • Economic Development (Chinese economy)
  • Public Health (Econ. relation)
  • “A spatial analysis of local corruption on foreign direct investment: Evidence from Chinese cities." European Journal of Political Economy, September 2023, volume 79, (Joint with Yao-Yu Chih, Firat Demir, Chenghao Hu, and Hewei Shen)
  • “Dancing with dragon: The RMB and developing economies' currencies." Research in International Business and Finance, January 2023, volume 64. (Joint with Qing He and Jishuang Yu)
  • “Local Corruption, Total Factor Productivity and Firm Heterogeneity: Empirical Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms.” (Joint with Firat Demir, Chenghao Hu, and Hewei Shen), World Development, March 2022, volume 151.
  • “Exchange rate exposure and its determinants in China." China Economic Review, February 2021; volume 65. (Joint with Qing He and Ce Zhang)
  • “Exchange Rate Exposure and International Competition: Evidence from Chinese Industries.” Journal of Contemporary China, February 2021. (Joint with Qing He and Ce Zhang)
  • “Bureaucratic Integration and Synchronization of Regional Economic Growth: Evidence from China.” China Economic Review, October 2020; volume 63. (Joint with Qing He, Chang Xue and Shaojie Zhou).
  • “The impact of COVID-19 on stock markets.” Economic and Political Studies, May 2020: page 275-288. (Joint with Qing He, Sizhu Wang and Jishuang Yu.)
  • “Trade Openness and the Obesity Epidemic: A Cross-national Study of 175 Countries during 19752016.” Annals of Epidemiology, September 2019; volume 37: 31-36. (Joint with Ruopeng An et al.)
  • “A systematic review of food pantry-based interventions in the USA.” Public Health Nutrition, June 2019; 22(9):1704-1716. (Joint with Ruopeng An et al.)
  • “Systemic Financial Risk and Macroeconomic Activity in China.” Journal of Economics and Business, March- April 2019, Volume 102: 57-63. (Joint with Qing He, Zongxin Qian, and Jingyun Gan)
  • “Diet and self-rated health among oldest-old Chinese”. Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics, May - June 2018;76:125-132 (Joint with Ruopeng An, Xiaoling Xiong, and Chenghua Guan).
  • “Functional Limitation and cognitive impairment among 80+ year old Chinese”. Australasian Journal on Aging, December 2016,35(4):266-272. (Joint with Jiakun Zheng, Ruopeng An).
  • “Fast-food and full-service restaurant consumption in relation to daily energy and nutrient intakes among US adult cancer survivors, 2003-2012”. Nutrition and Health, Jul-Oct 2015; 22(3-4):181-95 (Joint with Ruopeng An).
  • “Local Labor Market Fluctuations and Physical Activity among Adults in the United States, 1990-2009”. ISRN Public Health, Volume 2012 (Joint with Ruopeng An).

Papers under review:

  • "RMB internationalization and exchange rate exposure: Evidence from Chinese fi rms", revise and resubmit to Journal of International Money and Finance. (Joint with Qing He and Bailin Liang)
  • "Residential Housing Investment and Local Corruption: Evidence from the Chinese Housing", under review. (Joint with Yao-Yu Chih, Firat Demir, Chenghao Hu and Hewei Shen)
  • "Impact of Macroprudential Policies in China: A Comprehensive Analysis of Banking Competition Dynamics and Regulatory Frameworks", under review. (Joint with Qing He and Hailong Yang)
  • "The Response of Global Stock Markets to Economic Sanctions: Evidence from the Russia-Ukraine Conflict", 2023. (Joint with Qing He, Haoming Feng, and Hailong Yang)
  • 2021-present, Associate Professor of Economics, Soka University of America
  • 2015-2021, Assistant Professor of Economics, Soka University of America
  • 2013-2014, Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics, Occidental College
  • 2012-2013, Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics, Loyola Marymount
  • Faculty Fellowship by Pacific Basin Research Center ($7,000), Soka University of America, 2023-2024
  • Faculty Merit Award 2021-2022 ($2,500), Soka University of America, 2022
  • Faculty Teaching Grant by the dean's office ($1,000), Soka University of America, 2019
  • Nieves Grant for class abroad ($ 25,000), Soka University of America, 2019
  • Faculty Fellowship by Pacific Basin Research Center($8,000), Soka University of America, 2018-2019
  • Faculty Symposium Grant by the office of academic affairs ($10,000), Soka University of America, 2018
  • Nieves Grant for class abroad ($25,000), Soka University of America, 2017
  • Faculty Summer Research Grant by Pacific Basin Research Center ($3,000), Soka University of America, 2016
  • Graduate Students Economics Fellowship, Indiana University, 2009.
  • Fee Scholarship of Arts and Science, Indiana University, 2007 to 2012.
  • Government Scholarship, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2005 to 2007.