Lisa Crummett, PhD

Faculty - Full-Time
lisa crummett
Associate Professor of Biology

I am an evolutionary ecologist broadly interested in understanding the ecological and evolutionary factors that shape the distribution of species over time and space. I am particularly interested in the marine realm. I am an enthusiastic lecturer with a diverse teaching background. 

  • PhD in Zoology, University of Florida
  • MS in Biology, California State University, Fullerton
  • BS in Biological Science, California State University, Fullerton
  • Liberal Arts Biology (BIO 190)
  • Human Body in a Modern World (BIO 120)
  • Genetics and Evolution (BIO 130)
  • Foundations of Biology 1: DNA to Organisms (BIO 140)
  • Foundations of Biology 2: Organisms to Ecosystems (BIO 141)

I am interested in coastal marine environments and I have studied mollusks, cyanobacteria, and marine bacteriophage. I am currently interested in exploring how marine microbial diversity and abundance may be affected by ocean acidification. I am also interested in exploring how cyanobacterial metabolism may be modified during infection by bacteriophage.

  • Crummett LT, Puxty, RJ, Weihe C, Marston MF, Martiny, JBH. The genomic content and context of auxiliary metabolic genes in marine cyanomyoviruses. 2016. Virology 499: 219-229.
  • Crummett LT, Sears BF, LaFon DC, Wayne ML. 2013. Parthenogenetic populations of the freshwater snail Campeloma limum occupy habitats with fewer environmental stressors than their sexual counterparts. Freshwater Biology 58(4): 655-663.
  • Crummett LT and Wayne ML 2009. Comparing fecundity in sexual versus parthenogenetic populations of the freshwater snail Campeloma limum: Is there a twofold cost of sex? Invertebrate Biology 128 (1): 1-8.
  • Crummett LT and Eernisse DJ. 2007. Genetic evidence for the cryptic species pair Lottia digitalis and Lottia austrodigitalis and microhabitat partitioning in sympatry. Marine Biology 152 (1): 1-13.​
  • Student Research Award, American Malacological Society, 2006
  • Educational Grant from Conchologists of America, Inc., 2005
  • University Women’s Club Scholarship, University of Florida, 2004
  • Sigma Xi Grants-In-Aid of Research Award, 2004