Poem by Jasmine Williams '24

Unease blossoms like flowers.
Sweat collecting on my fingertips,
feebly grasping at the phone,
which lies await for any developments.
I stare transfixed. At the screen
in front of me, where our fate is encapsulated
yet I lie hopeless to change it.

Meekly wishing
for a smooth transition.
Whispers in the back of my mind,
of a sudden shift. Of danger lying in wait
for the moment of relaxation to consume
our hope whole. But then she speaks,
and it’s like water after a long drought.
My muscles loosen, and I take a breath.

The darkness
held us bound like pages in a book
to bright screens. We dare not hope.
A bright future, just within reach
but unable to grasp while bound
in a pool of dark molasses. But a legacy shouldn’t
hold us down forever. How will we rise
out of the darkness? Is it by 
being dragged into the depths forever,
never to hope for the warmth of the sun,
or by coming together to breach the surface.

-Jasmine Williams