Methods of SBS

Methods of Social and Behavioral Sciences

All students declaring a concentration in SBS must take a methods course.

This course is an introduction to the primary research methods used by social scientists. Fundamental orientations and approaches that underlie social science research will be introduced. Students will learn various qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection, data analysis, and results reporting. Emphasis in this course is on students putting these methods into practice by developing real-world research questions and engaging in hands-on research activities. Prerequisite: any course in the SBS concentration. 

This course is intended to provide a basic knowledge of regression analysis relevant for carrying out empirical work in the social sciences. Regression analysis is the application of statistical methods to testing social science theories/hypotheses using data. The Classical Linear Regression Model is the main focus of the course. Students will gain experience in collecting data from various sources, analyzing data through regression and statistical analysis, interpreting results, and writing research papers. Prerequisite: any course in the SBS concentration.

This course is an overview of the fundamentals of experimental research methods. This course provides the tools for students to understand a variety of experimental research designs and the accompanying descriptive and inferential statistics used to evaluate the data obtained from those designs (which include chi-square, t-tests, analysis of variance, etc.). Students will gain experience in designing and conducting experiments, analyzing data, interpreting results, and writing research reports. Prerequisite: any course in the SBS concentration. 

This course is an introduction to the primary qualitative research methods as they are used in the social sciences such as content analysis, interviewing, participant observation, and case studies. The course will introduce students to the main epistemologies and worldviews of qualitative methods, explore what kinds of questions about social behavior qualitative methods are used to answer, discuss ethical issues related to qualitative research and writing, and engage in the application of various qualitative methods to a research question designed by students. Students will also learn how to construct a literature review and write a research report using qualitative research design. Prerequisite: any course in the SBS concentration.