Soka Instructional Garden

The Soka Instructional Garden (SIG) is a facility of the Environmental Studies concentration that supports academic programs through instruction in composting and gardening.


The SIG serves as a venue to learn and practice skills in an environmentally friendly, healthy, and safe manner. The garden is managed by a garden manager, assisted by Soka’s landscaping staff. The SIG works with Bon Appétit, Soka’s cafeteria service, to give students the opportunity to taste fresh, local, and organic produce grown by students, and is a space for students to directly learn about and engage in the path of produce from farm to fork.

Thank you for allowing me to reconnect with nature by actually making us garden and cook our own vegetables. It was the most practical class I ever had. I drastically changed my diet and my conception of food, agriculture, and cooking thanks to this class.

Anonymous student
EOS 280 Sustainable Agriculture and Gardening Course

How Do We Use This Space?

  • Image of student event in garden


    The SIG is mainly used for academic classes and educational sessions.

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    Student Performances

    The SIG has been used to host student performances from poetry to rap to song and dance. These events are well-attended and allow students to support their peers outside of typical performance areas.