General Education Curriculum

SUA general education gives you a solid foundation in a wide array of skills while encouraging you to find answers to the world’s most complex questions.

Learn Across Disciplines and Cultures

The general education curriculum allows for exploration of your interests, preparing you for more advanced studies in a concentration. You will be able to explore:

  • Core: Enduring Questions

    This is a two-course sequence that uses classic texts to explore humanity’s major questions and to engage students in critical thinking and discussion. 

  • American Experience

    This course has been developed as a vehicle to help bridge the very different personal experiences of our students, 40% of whom come from abroad. 

  • Pacific Basin

    This course explores the places and peoples of the Pacific Basin, emphasizing a long history of interactions and a future of interdependence.

  • Modes of Inquiry

    This course introduces you to diverse ways of approaching, studying, knowing, and understanding information and experience across disciplines.

  • Creative Arts

    This program is focused on the “hands-on” creation of artistic works in a range of media.

  • Science & Mathematics

    This program offers exciting courses in three sub-areas: biological science, physical science, and mathematics.

  • Writing & Communication

    The Writing Program introduces students to a wide array of principles and strategies of effective communication and argumentation.

  • Language & Culture

    This program fosters the development of linguistic proficiency and cultural awareness necessary for well-educated global citizens.

  • Heath & Wellness

    This course explores the physical, mental-emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental dimensions of health, as well as strategies for enhancing your personal health.

  • Creativity Forum

    This course reflects upon the creative process in the abstract, develops an appreciation for fostering creativity, and to discover ways to bring new ideas and perspectives to life.

  • The Learning Cluster

    This experience is an immersive exploration by faculty and students who co-design unique courses for a deep dive into a problem of interest.

More About Soka’s Liberal Arts Education

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Find what you love and apply yourself to it. Explore our concentrations and see how you can shape an industry. 

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Study Abroad

Use the skills you learned in the Language & Culture Program while seeing the world.

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Soka Now

Learn how our faculty, alumni, and students are using their broad approach to education to make the world a better place.