Interior shot of new Global Language and Culture Center featuring gray and green chairs, a velvet green couch, a bookcase with magazines, and a kitchen

Global Language and Culture Center

A dedicated space on campus for foreign language learners, tutors, and instructors.

Our Mission

The Global Language and Culture Center (GLCC) at Soka University of America is committed to broadening students’ perspectives through transformative encounters with diverse languages and cultures. Aligned with the mission of Soka University’s Language and Culture Program, the GLCC fosters open-mindedness and sensitivity to diverse cultures, and an appreciation for the richness of languages, literatures, and associated arts.

As a cultural nexus, the GLCC hosts a variety of celebrations, exhibitions, and student-led foreign language activities to encourage active participation and promote cross-cultural appreciation. Our center offers comprehensive resources and opportunities for foreign language acquisition, including tutoring sessions and access to books, magazines, films, and games.

Through collaborative efforts, our dedicated faculty and students create a dynamic and inclusive community that enhances students’ communication skills, supports their research interests, and equips them with the necessary tools to thrive in an interconnected world. We inspire transformative language learning experiences to empower students to develop cultural awareness, becoming agents of positive change who value diversity, respect other communities, and contribute to social harmony.


The GLCC, located next to IT Services and Ikeda Library, is a space for

  • evening tutoring sessions and instruction areas
  • video conferencing with speakers from around the world
  • hosting cultural events and student-run language clubs (reservations required)
  • language and culture instruction
  • self-study for students, providing books, newspapers, magazines, and games (during open access hours)


Open Access:
Mon-Fri | 9-11:30am (unless reserved)

By reservation only:
Mon-Fri | 11:30am-7pm

Reserved for tutoring:
Sun-Wed | 7-10pm

Visit the Center

Please contact Elena Cardona at or Sandrine Siméon at for information.

Currently, only faculty members can request reservations.

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