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The Humanities concentration seeks to prepare global citizens by examining the breadth and depth of the human search for meaning, value, and creativity.

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Comprised of the fields of art history, history, literature, music history, philosophy, and religion, the Humanities concentration offers students the chance to pursue essential questions about what it means to be human; to become familiar with perspectives from around the globe; to develop informed and humanistic goals and concerns; and to sharpen analytical, critical thinking, and research skills.

Since the underlying focus of SUA’s education is toward deepening an understanding of both Eastern and Western cultures, you are encouraged to develop a balanced perspective encompassing East and West within your course selection plan. In this way, whether you choose to advance within one major discipline or seek to develop a broader foundation encompassing several or all humanities disciplines, will have a common bond and direction in which to organize your program.

Students of the Humanities concentration will learn to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of and apply theoretical and methodological insights into one or more of the above disciplines
  2. Demonstrate a coherent and integrated understanding of the central issues and questions for investigation in the disciplines
  3. Demonstrate the capacity for original and rigorous research and inquiry
  4. Communicate ideas effectively in a manner appropriate to work in their field
  5. Demonstrate and articulate an understanding of how individuals and societies are interconnected within social, historical, political, cultural environments, and the human condition
  6. Exhibit imagination and curiosity in the study of the full range of human artifacts
  • Art history
  • History
  • Literature
  • Music history
  • Philosophy
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