Science & Mathematics

Biological Science, Physical Science, and Mathematics

The Science and Mathematics Program at SUA offers exciting courses in three sub-areas: biological science, physical science, and mathematics. Each student must take one course from each sub-area but these courses may be taken in any order. Additional Science and Mathematics courses may be taken as electives.

General Education courses in the biological and physical sciences and mathematics enable students to:

  • Understand the nature of mathematical and/or scientific inquiry
  • Understand the relevance of mathematical and/or scientific inquiry to contemporary society
  • Read mathematical and/or scientific texts with comprehension
  • Solve problems using mathematical and/or scientific skills
  • Effectively communicate mathematical and/or scientific principles

New in 2020-21

  • Exterior of Curie Hall, the Life Sciences building

    Life Sciences Concentration

    The Life Sciences concentration offer a curriculum that provides a solid foundation in the sciences, including courses that embody the latest emerging discoveries in biology and chemistry, and a student-centered pedagogy that challenges you to apply what you have learned. 

Our Faculty

Associate Professor of Environmental Management and Policy
george busenberg
Associate Professor of Physical Geography
Director of Environmental Studies Concentration
monika calef
Associate Professor of Biology
Director of Life Sciences Concentration
lisa crummett
Dean of Faculty
Professor of Environmental Biogeochemistry
Headshot of M. Robert Hamersley
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
Nidanie Henderson-Stull
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
Headshot of Robert Levenson
Visiting Distinguished Professor of Biological Chemistry
Robert Moyzis
Associate Professor of Biology
Headshot of Marie Nydam
Vice President for Sponsored Research and External Academic Relations
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Bryan Penprase
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Image of Katherine Perry.
Associate Professor of Molecular/Cell Biology
Modes of Inquiry Coordinator
 Susan Walsh
Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Headshot of Hung Phan