Buenos Aires, Argentina

SUA offers two study abroad programs in Buenos Aires through IFSA.

Phenomenal program! I don’t think a study abroad program can be more comprehensive than that.

IFSA Intermediate Program, Universidad del Salvador

This program is for students with lower-level Spanish proficiency.

Program Characteristics

The fall semester takes place from late July to early December. The spring semester begins in late February and ends in mid-July.

2.5 GPA

A three-week orientation includes informational sessions, group activities, and a mandatory Spanish course. You will then enroll in a language, literature, and culture course as well as electives in subjects such as international relations, political science, literature, film, history, and business. Academic tutors are available during the semester. 

Group excursions and activities focus on the art, culture, sports, and lifestyle that make Buenos Aires one of the world’s most exciting and cosmopolitan cities. Volunteer experiences are available with community and nongovernmental organizations.

You will live with an Argentine host family which provides two meals a day. SUA provides a meal stipend for lunch. 


IFSA Advanced Program

This is an advanced program which allows students to cross-register among four Buenos Aires universities: Universidad Católica Argentina, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Universidad del Salvador, and Universidad Torcuato DiTella.

Program Characteristics

The fall semester takes place from mid-July to early December. The spring semester begins in late February and ends in early July.

  • 2.5 GPA
  • Five semesters of university-level Spanish

All students, regardless of concentration, take the Advanced Spanish and Argentine Culture course designed exclusively for IFSA students. Each student is matched with a tutor who is trained to help with language and academic questions.

You may take a three-day excursion to a destination such as Colonia or Montevideo, Uruguay or Rosario, Argentina. Music concerts, theatrical productions, rugby and soccer matches, Argentine film screenings, urban biking and canoe trip, tango classes, polo demonstration class, and museum tours may also be available. 

You will live with an Argentine host family.