Soka Instructional Aquaculture Facility

The mission of the Soka Instructional Aquaculture Facility is to support the teaching of sustainable aquaculture, the appreciation of aquatic organisms, and aquatic research at SUA.

Facility Uses


The two greenhouses of this facility are mainly used to support the teaching goals of four courses: Sustainable Aquaculture, Fish Biology, Aquatic Conservation, and Alien Invaders. In addition, Learning Clusters on Aquatic Conservation have utilized the facility.


The Soka Aquaculture Facility is also used for ongoing research on the impacts of exotic species in the aquatic environment. And in the past, students have utilized the facility to carry out their senior Capstone research.

Aquaculture Courses

  • Fish Biology
  • Sustainable Aquaculture
  • Aquatic Conservation
  • Alien Invaders 
  • Select Learning Clusters 

Director of the Soka Instructional Aquaculture Facility