Beijing, China

SUA offers two study abroad programs in Beijing through CIEE and CET.

Beijing people are really good at hosting friends from other areas. They took me to so many fun and good food restaurants. They taught me the traditional way of eating and drinking.

CIEE Beijing, Peking University

This program is best suited for highly-motivated students interested in learning the Chinese language and contemporary Chinese culture. Students are paired with graduate students from the Department of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language.  Many students have expressed that this is the highlight of the CIEE program.

Program Characteristics

The fall semester takes place from early September to mid-December. The spring semester begins in mid-February and ends in late June.

  • 2.5 GPA

You are required to receive three hours of tutoring each week. The Mandarin language training offers more than 30 courses in six levels. Class size varies between 10 and 40 students. Bi-monthly meals encourage students to meet with faculty and peers and speak only Chinese. 

Excursions may include two overnight trips and bi-weekly short trips in and around Beijing, Xi’an, Hangzhou, Nanjing, the Shaolin Temple, and other well-known sites.

You can stay in a Chinese homestay or live in the Zhongguanyuan Global Village dormitory. Dormitories are suites with private bedrooms and a shared bathroom, living room, kitchen, and laundry room. 


CET Beijing, Beijing Institute of Education

This program is best-suited students seeking complete cultural immersion. 

Program Characteristics

The fall semester takes place from late August to mid-December. The spring semester begins in early February and ends in late May.

3.0 GPA

The Beijing Institute of Education provides a well-organized curriculum and highly-trained teachers. Courses are available in six levels from beginner to advanced. 

You may learn traditional Chinese painting techniques, experience the Peking Opera, learn how to play jianzi (Chinese hacky sack) with locals in Beihai Park, or wander the hutongs (traditional residential area with narrow alleys). Possible excursions may include three overnight and weekly trips in and around Beijing, including a trip to the Great Wall.

You will live with Chinese roommates in a newly-renovated dormitory. You will also have a Chinese host family you can visit on the weekends.